Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FAQ: things you want to know about fluorescent tube lighting

Q: 32W fluorescent lamp 45W power lighting, whether it will shorten the life span?
Fluorescent tube lighting
A: No. fluorescent originally designed to take into account the 32, 45 W two kinds of lighting modes. The use of the most suitable special electronic ballast fluorescent tube lighting, lamp life will not be so
Q: traditional T8 fluorescent tube lighting can be used do?
A: No. Led lamp ballasts fever due to shortened life expectancy, or may be
There can not light, strobe, light short-lived and so on. Fluorescent tube lighting with T8 fluorescent characteristics are different, so be sure to use the following sign in with a special fixture. Do not traditional T8 fluorescent tube lighting used, otherwise it may lead to the next because they do not match

Q: Can I use T8 fluorescent tube lighting?
A: Not recommended. Because although it is safe to use, but will reduce the efficiency of the light source. Lifespan affected. Fluorescent tube lighting as special lamps, but with the traditional fluorescent T8 fluorescent dimensions, light feet are the same so there may be mistakenly installed T8 fluorescent situation. Lamps fully taken into account in the design of the wrong security when installed so you can make the traditional T8 fluorescent security lighting.

Q: fluorescent tube lighting with conventional fluorescent what are the different points?
A: filament, gas composition inside the tube, a phosphor, etc., have a big difference. Fluorescent In order to achieve efficient, in many points are different from the conventional fluorescent tube lighting.

Q: fluorescent lamp is rated at 32W, and 45W high output is how to decide?
A: product design in Japan with the same luminous efficiency is taken into account and the replacement of traditional fluorescent lamp and set of values. Same fluorescent product design and Japanese goods are the same rated power of 32W, high output power of 45W. This is to reach 100lm / W above the high light efficiency, and achieve more than 1.5 times the light source 36W high luminous flux and the products developed.

Q: with traditional T8 36W fluorescent tube lighting use the same three-color light color and light color slightly different and why?

A: fluorescent luminous efficiency is better to use a phosphor. And high luminance, high color temperature sensing eye, so the different colors of light presented. Light color due to phosphor composition and lighting state and different. Fluorescent lamp phosphors, dichromatic fluorescent than the traditional use of the luminous efficiency even better, but the light color is slightly different. Moreover, 45W than T836W higher luminance light source, color temperature naked eye will feel elevated.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What are the major advantages of decorative blue LED light strip?

Ultra energy is efficient. 1210 blue LED light strip power per meter only 4.8W, 5050 blue LED light strip per meter power 7.2W, compared to conventional lighting and decorative lighting purpose, low power several times, but the effect is much better.

The heat is lower. Blue LED light strip light-emitting element is a LED, the single LED power is low, typically 0.04 ~ 0.08W, so heat is not high. It can be used as decorative lighting aquarium without generating a lot of heat caused by rising water temperatures, affecting fish growth.

Blue LED light strip adopt high brightness SMD LED as light-emitting element, hence, have the advantages of LED light-emitting element, light color pure, soft, no glare. Either as decorative purposes and can caters to lighting purposes.

LED light bar with very soft FPC as the substrate, can be bent without breaking, easy to shape, suitable for a variety of advertising and styling.

It is environmentally friendly. LED light bar LED component materials, whether or FPC, its materials are used in environmental protection material, are recyclable type, not because of extensive use of the environment caused by pollution and destruction.

LED light strip uses a low-voltage DC 12V power supply voltage, so is very safe to use. Regardless of the elderly, the children can be safely used without causing a safety hazard.

The normal life of LED light bar is 8 to 10 million hours, working 24 hours a day, almost all of its life nearly 10 years. Therefore, LED light bar is the life of the traditional lamp several times.

Easy Install. LED light bar installation is very simple, equipped with clip, wire, metal mesh, etc. can be installed in a variety of supporting surface. In addition, the LED light strip light, thin, therefore, can also be achieved using double-sided adhesive fixed function. No professional can be installed; you can really enjoy the fun of DIY decoration. LED light strip for soft, thin, pure color and other characteristics, are widely used in building body contour, step, booth, bridge, hotel, KTV decorative lighting, as well as the production of advertising signs, a variety of large-scale animation, advertising design calligraphy and other places. With LED light bar technology matures, its scope of application will be more extensive.

Monday, November 18, 2013

British painter Francis Bacon’s works hit the auction record

British painter Francis Bacon created a group of paintings on the 13th at auction $ 142.4 million transaction, refresh paintings auction price record.

Auction will be held in New York, lots of World War II and contemporary art. Christie's auction house announced that, after six minutes of vigorous -site and telephone bidding, Bacon's "Lucian Freud portrait assignments" to $ 142.4 million deal. Check out the latest news on arts.

A total of seven bidders bidding in this painting among the end, to $ 127 million for the fall of the hammer, plus commissions sold for $ 142.4 million, when the world became the most expensive work of art, not only over the artist himself was created in 2008 auction record, and also exceeded the Edvard Munch "The Scream" has created nearly $ 120 million (including commission) auction record.

Bacon was born in Ireland in 1909, died in 1992, his work with rough, sharp, with a strong violence and nightmarish images known. After his death, his work won the admiration of the public, and the same amount of exclusion. "Lucian Freud portrait assignments" was created in 1969, drawn by the three independent components. Hero Lucian Freud is a famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud's grandson, are friends with the author, but also the artist.

Screen, Lucian Freud sitting in a chair, her face is divided into two parts; one for the front, the other part was shot from the side. Bacon, Freud only draw over two paintings, and this group is one of them, the other one was missing in 1966. Christie's auction house said that this group portrait is the first public auction.

It is reported that for now lives in Rome by a consortium of some collectors commissioned auction. In the 1970s, this group could be sold separately triptych, where the right part ( the lowest figure ) was a Roman collectors purchased, then the collectors have spent 20 years looking for the remaining two section. He first from an art dealer in Paris bought the paintings in the hands of the middle section, and then from the hands of the Japanese collector bought a left portion (top figure), finally able to make the work reunion. In the 1970s, this group of three paintings was painted by the Italian, French and Japanese collectors purchase. After 15 years apart and ultimately by that name Italian collector bought another two, they return to one.

Christie's auction house evaluation, this piece is a "manifestation of the relationship between Bacon and Freud's masterpiece, as the art of the 20th century masterpiece," The auction was "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

The day of the auction will also set two records. Including commissions, art auction 69 auction for a total of over 691 million U.S. dollars shoot, refresh Christie's contemporary art auction in May $ 495 million transaction records, the highest single-game auction turnover.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Steps to follow when choosing multi light fixture for your home

Selection dome light, we must first consider changing light bulbs inconvenient, after the entire bad bulb is a very common thing, if the room is high enough, the chandelier is a good choice. But to figure out the caliber cap screw, because some non-standard caliber can not use energy-saving light bulbs.

In addition, a large kitchen and bathroom water vapor, more humid, and therefore should also be considered when buying waterproof multi light fixture problem.

Palace-style carved hollow chandelier delicate lines, carving delicate. But too complex even for complex modeling small size of the room will be overwhelming and depressing feeling, plus northern air is dry, dusty, too complicated multi light fixtures clean up will be very troublesome. Modern advocating simplicity, multi light fixture, too, is simple does not mean simple, simple shapes often more contemporary, coupled with strong texture of metal color, is the real finishing touch.

Lighting the entire room is designed to complement, therefore should be coordinated in style to each other well. A lot of people in the hallway or living room decorated like iron products used for decoration, such as glass door with wrought iron flower stem, is hanging on the wall clock wrought iron, wrought iron dining tables and chairs are also very beautiful, if accompanied by an iron pipe material chandelier the effect will be very good; while security has golden hands, golden yellow spotlights bedroom, gold decorative lights can also be mated. In short, the different functions of the same indoor multi light fixture style, color and style is best to unity.

Multi light fixture is the most direct function of light, but just enough to let the light against the background of our daily life, of which there are a lot of knowledge. Lamp, the different options, the resulting projection effects and mood there will be many changes. Sheepskin shade and Japanese paper shade, texture relatively, soft lighting and elegant; imitation mahogany combined with rosin jade shade, can light turns yellow, into a fun match with mahogany furniture, antique, can become a unique decor objects and furnishings to complement and foil; those Roman -style metal lamp itself is a miniature sculpture, quite artistic temperament.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New evidence suggests that the UK property market is recovering modestly

Britain's largest mortgage company announced in early November; the findings showed that 70 percent of Britons believe that prices will rise in the coming months, which further demonstrates the confidence of the real estate market rebound.

This is Halifax (Halifax) quarterly survey since 2011 the highest since prices and the current Chancellor of the Exchequer on the "Help buyers" (Help to Buy) whether the mortgage loan as a project to create the conditions for a new round bubble exists controversy. For more news on real estate, please check out

A week ago, the real estate agency Rightmove found that London property Inquiry Index 10% higher than the average level, is the UK's fastest rising place, and elsewhere in the UK than the growth rate of home prices reached a record 2.8%.

Halifax found that more and more people believe that some parts of England in September home sales situation is not bad, but quite good.

These areas include the southeast, east, southwest, northeast, East Midlands and London. In June when the last survey conducted in those areas most people responded that housing sales experienced a bad time.

Halifax real estate economist Martin Ellis said that regional differences still exist; in Scotland, north-west and the East Midlands, people on the 2014 housing sales prospects are not good.

In the survey, the UK, less than 50% of people believe that this is a good time to houses, but more people just think this is a good time.

"Views on home sales improved significantly contribute to the supply of unsold homes on the market, which will ease the rising trend of prices, and help to improve the vitality of the market." Ellis said.

Halifax survey with the British real estate data firm Hometrack survey conducted simultaneously, the head of investigations Richard Donnell refutes rumors of a housing bubble.

"On a national housing bubble overdone, but in the case of tight supply, any weakening of the means of slowing house prices will rise." Ellis said.

He said the October housing prices stabilize and slow, and in September the same gains.

Donnell said, London's crazy purchase behavior as well as fears of skyrocketing housing prices " will begin to affect market sentiment, as well as people are willing to spend a higher price to buy a house wishes."