Sunday, June 16, 2013

EOS 700D is the latest entry-level Canon SLR camera released

 Only familiar with photography, just enter the camera circles, particularly envious of others Changqiangduanbao limited to themselves and their own capacity constraints, high-end equipment can not be bought, but despise the use of friend unique micro-camera, which is great reflex camera the most basic choice. But faced with a number of products, how to choose? Check out our feature article today, I think you know exactly what the product is suitable for this.

The latest version of Canon EOS 700D SLR

 Canon EOS 700D is the latest entry-level SLR camera, although the main setting performance against the 650D is not much change in terms, but the final design and development of an EF engine -S 18-55mm f3.5 not step - STM-5.6 IS, the results of image and focus on speed has a good upgrade, the current rate will be set at 5,100 yuan.

 As an SLR entry-level, the configuration of the Canon 700D performance, the performance is very good, and the new kit lens 18-55mm in terms of performance and image quality compared to the performance of the aforementioned product was heavily promoted.

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