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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An energy-saving fiber optic eco friendly lighting system

An energy-saving optical fiber prospects for led lighting system comprising a sunlight collecting means comprises a mirror, and a light absorbing filter is composed of a receiver sunlight, light guide cable, optical fiber eco friendly lighting device, and a dispenser, the sunlight collecting output terminal means and said solar receivers is connected to an input terminal, an output terminal of the receiver end of the sunlight and the light guide cable is connected to the other end of the light guide cable and the input of the optical splitter connected to the output of said light distribution of the eco friendly lighting equipment is connected to an optical fiber. Has simple structure, low maintenance cost, can take full advantage of sunlight through a light guide cable and fiber optic eco friendly lighting device to achieve eco friendly lighting, not only power, but also safe and reliable, wide range of applications are environmentally friendly.

The utility model relates to a eco friendly lighting system, and more particularly to an environmentally friendly energy-saving fiber optic eco friendly lighting systems. Currently, the known eco friendly lighting devices are typically fluorescent tube or bulb, 220V AC power source using the electroluminescent eco friendly lighting, eco friendly lighting can not be a power outage. In addition, underwater, dangerous goods production, eco friendly lighting and other places not under mine safety, dangerous, easily damaged.

The utility model is designed to provide a safe, reliable, low maintenance cost, energy -saving, low light pollution on the environment and energy-saving high brightness fiber-optic eco friendly lighting systems, and the majority of application for underwater production of dangerous goods land, the mine and underground shopping malls and other places need any LED street lighting.

An illumination system comprising the sunlight collecting reflector apparatus, and a light absorbing filter composed of the output of the receiver sunlight, light guide cable, optical fiber eco friendly lighting device, and a dispenser, the sun and the collecting means sunlight said input terminal connected to the receiver, the receiver of the sunlight and the output end of the light guide cable with one end connected to the other end of the light guide cable and the optical splitter connected to an input terminal of said light and the output of the divider is connected to fiber optic eco friendly lighting.

The fiber optic eco friendly lighting can shine fiber for the body, but also that side -emitting optical fiber, the light-emitting end of the fiber is connected with the taillights.

The utility model in the use of sunlight collection device is generally installed on the roof or open sunny places, and sunlight incoming solar energy collection device sunlight receiver, media guide light by passing the light guide cable, transmission to light the distributor, the distributor of the conversion of light through the optical fiber eco friendly lighting equipment to work properly.

Monday, January 6, 2014

What are the prospects for LED tube light in metro lighting?

In the current context of global energy shortage, LED as a new green lighting products, is the future trend of development, with the further maturation of LED technology, not only to achieve better development in the field of indoor lighting design and development, in traffic will also play an active role, and will become a new growth point in the field.

Champoux consulting industry analyst pointed out: Metro lighting has a very high demand, LED is undoubtedly the best choice, it is energy-saving, stable and durability of a traditional lamps unparalleled advantages and characteristics of strong earthquake is very suitable for metro operational environment.

At present, the number is about 48 subways, while 28 metro cities being built, and the existing subway network in the country to use more traditional lighting. Guangzhou, where a total of 14 field stations and other public areas, lighting systems, will be replaced at the beginning of this year, energy-saving LED tube lights, lighting transform the number of about 1.8 million units. Paris public transport organization France also collaborated with Philips on 250,000 LED tube lights rapid rail network in Paris transport system 302 subway stations and 66 suburban stations were LED retrofit, LED lighting market potential can be described as the subway is pretty huge.

Because the light bulb is also part of the subway in the country under the auspices of exploratory projects, commercialization of ideas is not yet clear. In foreign subway LED lighting and other large projects, energy contract management mode assume an important role, but it is difficult to promote in China, in addition to its domestic enough to understand, there is also a lot of obstacles on the mechanism, which gives cooperation process for the commercialization of domestic LED project caused great distress.

When the LED luminous efficiency of the use of the limit, energy-saving LED lighting effects will no longer be the ultimate selling point of interest, the future of LED tube light reflected in the more competitive intelligence needs. National introduced the "subway place lighting LED tube lights technical specifications", details the subway procurement specification LED lighting, LED lighting for the subway opened a standardized way.

Champoux consulting in the " 2013-2016 China LED industry market prospects and Investment Value Analysis Report " pointed out: LED is actually a semiconductor junction can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, the life of up to 100,000 hours of theoretical data. Metro LED lighting for many companies are racing to grab the subway lighting market, LED tube lights bring people the best experience, high quality of life for everyone lit, homeopathy into the new city will be a lighting era.