Sunday, October 27, 2013

Advantages and buying tips of LED flashlight battery

LED flashlight is a new type of flashlight. Because the LED with high brightness, low power consumption, long life, small size and other characteristics, it is ideal for portable lighting. LED Flashlight has many advantages.

LED has a long life, generally up to 50,000 hours or more life than conventional incandescent light 5 to 10 times higher. It features cold light, low heat, and high safety without damaging the lamp. There is fast response, high impact resistance, and small size, easy compact and lightweight so on. Saving, energy saving, new environmental light bulbs. Fast response if 1us, no warm lights can improve safety.

Household generally not more than 12 use the LED flashlight battery in the 2 to 3 as well, and then a little big waves, can be used for other special needs identified according to their needs. Of course, high power LED flashlights generally can not reach the number 12. Each diode is connected to the circuit board by soldering, and if there is a bad contact Weld, it may cause bulb does not light or affecting the overall usefulness. Ordinary batteries and lithium batteries have two kinds, although a rechargeable lithium LED flashlight battery, but life is low, about 2 years, LED life span of about 10 years, according to the actual situation to choose. Good LED flashlight, high brightness, slow decay. Lamp out of the situation, it is difficult to visually distinguish it from the bad, and can look at the case of light bulbs consistency.

Good LED flashlight with waterproof function, good seismic performance, the ruggedness. Since it is electronic, the front of the flashlight has a circuit board, once the water prone to short circuit, causing damage. Good LED flashlight aperture uniform a circle, and poor LED flashlight beam is divided into uneven distribution of yellow and blue. Condensing surfaces bulb try to focus on that. This flashlight unlike ordinary flashlight can adjust the focus, purchase should be careful not to have astigmatism.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Motorcycle rental business flourishes in the U.S.

U.S. car rental companies not only rent a car, rent a motorcycle began. The rental vehicles, high grade, entirely of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and certainly not low rent, a car every day to 120-160 U.S. dollars.

Hugo net from the U.S. "Time Magazine" October 16 reported learned that the U.S. car rental company Rent-A-Car recently announced the implementation of a "pilot program" Starting Tuesday will ask the customer for rent "Harley Davidson" motorcycle. This marks the first foray into the U.S. car rental industry motorcycle rental market. Here are more news on motorcycle.

Rent-A-Car Company will be the center of the Las Vegas market, introduced five Harley-Davidson motorcycles for lease before the end of next month, the other two motorcycles will also be put into the leasing business. Steve Short, vice president of the company that we chose Las Vegas as a business focus, mainly because of the Las Vegas tourism industry developed, a lot of tourists. Many visitors like to go around the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and other famous scenic spots to play, so the motorcycle rental business where it will be welcomed.

However, although it is two motorcycles, but the lease expensive, one day rent is about 120-160 U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, leasing and driving a motorcycle driver's license must have motorcycles, helmets, etc. It is mandatory provisions of Nevada law.

Hugo network learned throughout the United States have the car rental industry, rental cars are called " shared consumption" mode, long trips when several people can " carpool " travel, both for the convenience hirers, but also beneficial to operators, but also save costs, favorable environment, the benefits are many, and so forth.

U.S. car rental companies are almost always run by private, rental vehicles, mostly high-grade cars, but also a small amount of medium-sized SUVs and passenger cars, such as several models. Persons traveling abroad mainly rented car. Which, SUVs and medium-sized passenger cars primarily for the long-distance travel rent, while generally only hire car, do not take the driver, but by hiring people to drive their own? Drive out by the company on a full petrol, used car with petrol when returning.

U.S. car rental industry has a strong vitality. Created 11 years ago with rental car dealers, to provide car rental services by time, even 15 minutes can also hire a result won very good results. The enterprises in the local market, the issue price of shares has exceeded 60%.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Professional review of outdoor emergency LED flashlight FENIXPD35

In outdoor lighting enthusiasts, FENIX this brand has a high reputation. As the leading brand of flashlight, FENIX focus on outdoor sports lighting equipment research and development, manufacture and sale of products covered flashlights, headlamps, bike lights and other series, with innovative lighting technologies and solutions, and constantly develop high performance, high reliability and perfect LED lighting technology tools to meet the outdoor sports people and high standards versatile lighting tool for the pursuit of its flagship emergency LED flashlight has also been a concern of many users.

FENIX PD32 flashlight launched. This is equipped with XP-G (R5 emergency LED flashlight in the aftermarket sought after by enthusiasts, inherited the tradition FENIX PD32 flashlight uses a forward tail switch and side by dimming usage patterns, to rid itself of the PD30 mediocrity.

PD35 maximum brightness of 850 lumens, the official slogan of this product is "smaller, lighter, and more powerful!" Positioning for PD series highlighting emergency LED flashlight emergency LED flashlight in the actual performance of the use, the author of bring you the following product evaluation.

This product follows the FENIX product packaging carton plus single color plastic case packaging, you can directly see the product front, and marked the product model and the main parameters. You can see, this product is the nominal maximum output brightness of 850 lumens, the longest life time of 140 hours, irradiation distance of 185 meters, which have benefited from the use of XM-L2.

There is also a bright flashlight parameters by the user concerned is life. According to the instructions of the technical parameters, emergency LED flashlight in a very bright file ( 850 lumens ) life time of 1 hour 15 minutes, highlighted file ( 450 lumens ) life time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. We use a capacity of 2600 m-Ah 18650 lithium-ion battery for endurance testing.

In the test we first make sure the battery is fully charged, will remain in the highlighted file flashlight continuously lit. Because there is a highlighted file PD35 least 30 minutes of continuous work in the light automatically switches to file security settings, we tested manually adjusted to highlight the file, the last time life time is cumulative.

PD35 in the highlighted file after 2 hours of continuous work intensity has decreased, in 2 hours timeshare brightness significantly reduced, our test results emergency LED flashlight 18650 with 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery in the highlighted file remains lit time is 2 hours and 18 minutes, with the description of the life time of more consistent.

During use, FENIXPD35 good feel grip is very convenient, Clamp design is also very reasonable, forward switch and dimmer switch with the use of more convenient, but it varies, but the concavity dimmer switch can also be some further strengthened.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The USA launched the world's first aluminum light meeting the biological laws

On October 15, the U.S. supplier of innovative energy efficient lighting Science launched Definity Digital series aluminum light bulbs is the worlds first lighting products meet the biological laws that can improve sleep, support natural melatonin secretion, improve alertness and promote the growth of plants, the protection of wild animals.

Definity Digital products include Good Night, Awake & Alert, MyNature Grow and MyNature Coastal.

The aluminum light is Lighting Science International Space Station and the U.S. Antarctic research station, and into the traditional light bulb socket, providing white light to meet consumer expectations, healthy. Definity Digital originally developed Good Night, Awake & Alert lights to help astronauts manage their circadian rhythms, to do its utmost to avoid the lack of sleep in space.

Lighting Science 's founder and chief technology officer, said Fred Maxik representation, Definity Digital can not replace the light source, which is a new aluminum light used. Definity Digital Series products offer far more than consumers and customers expect from LED lighting to obtain, for example, efficient and environmentally friendly. Can radically improve the way of life by providing physical, emotional and environmental support to maximize efficiency and make your body more naturally.

"Seeing this light on the astronauts generated significant effect, solve problems 50-700000 Americans sleep problems is a priority for us," Lighting Science Research Director Rob Soler said. "Traditional light bulbs and other aluminum light bulbs emit suppress melatonin blue light, so when you're ready to go to bed, your body is sleepy for. Good Night Lamp is a natural process of the bodys sleep support solutions that do not would like some supplements or prescription drugs produce the same side effects such as drowsiness or dependence disorders. "

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Things you don’t know about network security

Once Interpol conference in Las Vegas, there is a network security expert told the public informed of the enterprise IT leaders must be noted that affect the company's network security seven little secret, that we provide for security products and services Manufacturers try to want to tell you something, it is best to keep the degree of suspicion legislation.

Indeed, now the rapid development of network technology, along with network security issues are also increasing, the experts followed the 1960s Ralph Nader for automotive safety publication of the book "Unsafe at Any Speed “in the words to show their view, he said Unsafe at Any Speed, security industry seven secrets. Read the latest network security news.

The so-called network security certification is a safety certification standards, this network safety certification standards will often confirm the corresponding products can block all one hundred percent of the malicious code can be copied. However, being captured 75 percent of malicious code cannot be copied, such as Trojans. "Certification means that a product can only capture 100% of 25% of the malicious code.

We usually say the security world is the need for tight security vendors who set up defense systems and platforms, but carefully friends will find that most of the data loss generally do not go through the firewall, but more than half of the data is generated by laptops or some other terminal devices where missing, so the network is secure, the user's data is actually guaranteed by the enterprises themselves should be carried out to enhance network security, and even strengthen enterprise management processes in the morning, just to protect their network boundaries the same system for security policy, the only way the user's data could truly be effectively protected.

As a security vendor, they certainly want to develop their own products can block as many foreign security threats and block as much as possible the number of hackers, viruses, like NAC can be used to solve some very real problems, but for the enterprise these practices do not give it a major business enterprise which brings effective impact, and that in fact, also do not have to consider the security aspects of the.

Codman said: "The risk assessment should be able to determine improve business processes or curing configuration is required, you need to understand the environment and big priority. Indeed, the security vendors pushing how to protect and repair software vulnerabilities, but Codman say these issues have been successfully exploited only a part. Codman said: "Even if the software is perfect, there will be rampant virus, Trojan horse, they are actually not entirely dependent on software problems."

In fact, the development of network security is necessary safety regulations, such as HIPAA or industry standards such as PCI is not to make your network more secure. The problem is that policies and regulations made regulatory requirements and the network management that the business needs to be done for most of the gap between, affecting the budget and resource inputs. Comply with this standard, also means that may lead to the same defenses against such attacks may be implemented.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alice Munro’s new book is coming soon

The 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature winner Alice Munro is a Canadian writer. Affected by this, her new book "Dear Life receives highly reader expectations.

Alice Munro latest work, "dear life” has been the continuation of her style is still talking about the lives of ordinary people. Book through brief moment speaking person's life, missed opportunities, a twist of fate, people deviate from the original track, changing one's thoughts. A wealthy young girls and married father's estate lawyers handle fell in love, fallen into kidnappings; a young soldier leaves the battlefield, go home to his fiancé, but on the road met another woman, and she fell in love. Here is the latest book news.

Story still occurs in small town in Canada – Munros home near Lake Huron. Munro said: "The books depiction of those, I feel a large part autobiographical. Book characters vivid, lively, and writing are impressive.

Munro in her most well-known works of the mainland readers "escapes in the language with a focus on pearls countless women who do not pay attention to the details of life and emotions, so that the book she won the 2009 Man Booker International Prize. "Escape is Alice Munro 2004 work, the book consists of eight short stories, of which the three interrelated.

"Memorable stories, language precise and unique, simple and elegant, reading memorable. This is her work to the readers feelings.

Alice Munro, a famous Canadian writer. Born in 1931 in the town of Ontario, temperature Burlingame, girlhood began to write novels. She always linger in the eyes of ordinary women's lives, from their own mother and who find inspiration, accurately record them from a girl to man's wife and a mother, once again over the course of the middle-aged and elderly, especially good close ups and hidden secrets female psychology, and the resulting physical and psychological burden - nuanced, and intricate, seemingly fragile, yet tenacious perseverance.

It can be said Munros status in English fiction has been established in the English short story creative side can be regarded as "Nance, American writer Cynthia Cynthis Ozick language call her "our Chekhov.". British writer AS Byatt also praised her as "the greatest living short story writer."

In 40 years of literary career, Munro has always been dedicated to writing short stories, temper skills, and as the award-winning, including the Governor General of Canada Award three times, twice Giller Prize and the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, O. Henry Prize, pEN / Mara Mulder Award and the U.S. National Book Award and other people. In recent years, the annual autumn Nobel Prize quiz contest, her name will be on the candidate list.

Monday, October 14, 2013

OSRAM launches small size new power LED module with high efficiency

Osram (OSRAM) recently released a Soleriq new series, with a diameter of 13.5 mm to provide 1500 lumens of LED lighting to replace 100W metal halide power only 15W.

OSRAM power LED modules for the newly released SoleriqS13, product design more compact, light-emitting region has a diameter of 13.5mm, the overall dimensions of 18mm × 18mm. New product has three main advantages: The entire module life more than 50,000 hours can save about 85%, can cover all the color temperature.

Osram Landes Nations Headquarters responsible SoleriqLED product marketing manager Andreas Vogler indicates: "SoleriqS13 suitable for dining and home lighting, it is not only high brightness, and can cover all the color temperature. Moreover, all color temperature CRI of more than 80. S13 greatly expanded SoleriqLED product family application portfolio. "

New products are rated power 15W, 1500 lm can provide illumination, which means it can replace a 100W metal halide lamps, 85% of energy saving. SoleriqS13 excellent brightness can greatly simplify lighting design, you only need to install a component in the fixture, and you can reach a number of elements before the overall brightness. Each chip are arranged close to each other, all located below the conversion layer, a light emitting surface is very uniform, thus ensuring color consistency and light appearance.

For better homogeneity, the chip conversion layer arranged below the circular, which greatly simplifies the LED to the outside of the light guide coupled to the optical element. Lower loss of light emitted, so that more efficient power LED module and lamps. Built SoleriqS13 downlights also obviously have a high energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance costs typical LED edge.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Experts believe EL lighting technology has promising prospect

EL (Electro luminescence) emitting products feature electronic carom excited luminescent material, resulting in electron energy levels Warp, changing, complex physical phenomena caused to emit light, and its products are also known as " EL ", this light source completely any heat to the atmosphere, commonly known as " cold light." EL technology useful products of the eight characteristics compared to traditional light sources.

EL features more than 80% energy savings. Wiring EL lighting consumption is very low, most of the products can be used DC, watt power consumption, energy-saving effect is very obvious.

Reduce heat emissions to the atmosphere of 100%. EL lighting source, no heat, electroluminescent film is a cold light source, the basic physical principles of operation without heating, the working temperature is lower than fluorescent completely emission reductions.

It is harmless and safe and comfortable to use. Absolutely do not produce ultraviolet light, harmful to humans, not its flashing light even and soft light, the eye will not generate tension and fatigue. EL is a half- life of the product (half brightness) to measure, which normally can be controlled according to the different product positioning and reach 3000-25000 hours. Thin bendable. Thinnest of up to 0.18mm, in a variety of shapes and bend light to adapt to the case of the performance requirements, loading and unloading easy to carry random.

It can be any production, cut into various shapes. EL lighting can produce a variety of shapes according to user needs text or patterns. Electroluminescent film different from other light-emitting device, its not easy to face external shocks and broken or lapsed during natural disasters or unpredictable continue to work under harsh environment. Products can be recycled construction materials 100% recycled into the second, and the cycle can be completed in the factory itself, disability products to minimize environmental pollution limits.

Cold light source is almost no infrared spectrum light source, such as the now popular LED light source is a typical cold light. The traditional incandescent and halogen light source is a typical heat source. Cold light emitting principle is in the electric field, resulting in electron impact excitation fluorescent material generates light phenomenon. Has a very excellent optical, variable flash features.

Cold light characterized by the additional energy is almost completely converted to visible light, the other wavelengths of light is small, and on the type of heat source, in addition to visible light but also have a lot of infrared light, a considerable part of the energy into light does not contribute to the infrared light up. Thermal infrared light filters out after adding light and cold light should light emitted almost, as it has been filtered out infrared light.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

6 signs that you need a healthier lifestyle

Body load is too large, even when there is no obvious exhaustion and psychological phenomena such as the collapse of our body and brain will send a variety of signals, suggesting that really had enough." Recently, the United States, Oprah Life Network contains text; you summed up the body beyond the limits of six signals." Here is more information about health news and events.

1. Nap while also dreaming. Nap can give the body to "recharge." However, Virginia Massa Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Research Center Director Christopher Dr Venter said that a nap for a maximum of 30 minutes or so, usually only in a light sleep state. But if you take a nap when an eyes closed, they begin to do all sorts of strange dream, suggests that the brain a serious lack of sleep, can not wait to enter the deep sleep phase.

2. Memory deteriorated. Columbia University, anxiety and related disorders clinic director Anne Marie Albano said that some healthy people a bad memory. In fact, these people are "brain overload", hormonal changes disrupt the memory function, people can not remember more content, easy to forget recent.

3. Even worse after exercise. American professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, said Dr Sarah Gulbarga, under normal circumstances, jogging 45 minutes will make people feel very relaxed, but if you're just starting to feel tired movement, it shows the body has been overloaded. Gulbarga doctoral research found that women who were moderate stress intensity exercise, the body will be insufficient supply of energy, feeling tired, and fatigue.

4. Coffee will be trapped. American clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Bristol, drinking coffee descendants of brain activity will change. If caffeine did not work, it means that extreme physical and mental fatigue has been offset by caffeine stimulant.

5. Eat mild foods can also aggravate heartburn. Psychosomatic Medicine Research" published a study that confirmed that stress does not cause heartburn. Even without eating spicy foods, pantothenic acid, or more severe symptoms persist, it shows too much pressure.

6. Scalp becomes sensitive. Pennsylvania clinical psychologist Dr. Richard Fred pressure usually causes skin neuropeptides and other natural chemicals increased, causing inflammation. This inflammation will be the outbreak of acne or rosacea and other forms, and some will lead to vasoconstriction, so that the skin of the face and head too tight, tingling or sensitive.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Roundup: Russian Government is committed to continue to provide free medical services

Russian Health Minister recently said that Russia will not be paid to free medical care, the Russian Constitution guarantees every citizen can enjoy free medical services in public hospitals.

While attending media forum activities that this provision does not change now, the future will not change. After the birth of every Russian citizen can enjoy all the safeguards contained in the national health care services under the scheme. Here is more health care and medical services information.

Russia has been the introduction of free medical care, but will often appear into paying medical rumors. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reiterated on various occasions in recent years have not canceled the rights of citizens to enjoy free medical care. Ands latest statement may be proposed by the Minister of Labour for the previous response.

Russian Minister of Labor and Social Security in September this year Tuopi Lin has publicly raised the idea - to cancel the Russian unemployed enjoy the right to free medical care, he thinks it will help to combat so-called shadow work." Minister of Labour explained that some of the " unemployed " have a job, "black income ", but do not pay taxes, do not pay social security and therefore should not allow them to pay taxes and the normal citizens equally enjoy free medical services.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian Constitution, the State remains free medical services provided to citizens, but funding from the budget to health insurance funds.

For the work of the Russian people, labor and employment funds by the party required to pay medical insurance premiums and national budget allocations shared responsibility, including labor and employment insurance premiums paid party is dominant. For people without a job, such as the elderly, children, the disabled and other groups, separate from the State budget commitment.

The health insurance system to ensure that all Russian citizens can get free medical care, free health care projects by law, including outpatient, emergency, hospital expenses. In public hospitals, the patient only has to provide their own medical insurance card; you can enjoy free medical services.

However, the form of free treatment in real life is not always gratuitous. In Russia, many cases, patients need to give red envelopes stuffed doctors to ensure faster fancy disease, or when used in the treatment of better drugs.

Also in Russia, although the doctor offers treatment at no cost, but patients need to spend their own money to buy drugs. People to the clinic to see the doctor, holding a doctor's prescription, you can go to any pharmacy to buy drugs. Drug prices moderate, the implementation of national essential drugs for many price limits.

Russias current health care system is indeed for most ordinary people brought benefits, but there are a lot of shortcomings, such as many public hospitals understaffed, service quality is not high, a doctor needs to line up, insufficient or aging medical equipment, medicines shortages.

Russia free medical care involves only basic, simple medical services; many complex medical services require payment. In Russia, illness, medical treatment is still quite difficult to seriously ill patients; the state can not afford the full cost of medical care in this population.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hot economic news in this week

The year of 2014 will see the rapid growth, EU cuts economic growth forecast

According to the Spring economic forecast published by the European Commission on May 3, after the 2012 recession the EU economy’s gradual recovery in the second half of 2013 growth is expected to stabilize.

Compared with the winter economic forecast published in February this year, the EU's spring economic forecast report significantly lowers EU economic growth expected in the next two years. The EU and the euro-zone economy in 2013 will shrink by 0.1% and 0.4%. In 2014 it will grow by 1.4% and 1.2%, respectively. This means that the euro zone economy recession will continue this year.
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YKK AP launched a number of new energy-saving windows and doors

The world's leading supplier of building materials YKK AP announced the launch of a new series of energy-saving windows and doors, and helps improve the living quality of the final occupant, to create a more comfortable, elegant living space. This release of the product, including L50BFY/L120BFY high watertight doors, LD sun energy bridge aluminum doors and windows, LD100 folding, LD50S ventilation doors, fully demonstrated the YKK AP always uphold the "good of the patrol ring" spirit, committed to providing quality and professional products and create a comfortable living space for the occupants of the determination.

The face of the growing trend of building energy consumption, how to use scientific and rational way to achieve the ideal of resource conservation and the use of the construction industry has become a national and enterprise to address various aspects of the issue.
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North Georgia Fair: Funs for 79 Years that Never Ends

It's the largest fair in metro Atlanta and for 79 years, this annual event has showcased not only national acts and thrilling rides, but the best of what North Georgia has to offer in terms of food, flowers, and traditional blue-ribbon competitions. I'm talking about the North Georgia Fair.

Began back in 1927, when The Cobb County Fair Commission was granted a charter to hold a fair on leased land from Dobbins Air Force Base now has blossomed into one of the biggest fairs in the world.

Visitors will see many of the same fair events that Georgians have loved for years. The world famous Alligator Show, the Beautiful Baby Contest, and the usual assortment of petting zoos and pony rides will entertain the masses.
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Apple A7 chip seeks to challenge Intel

When Apple talk about its "desktop level" A7 chip, it is merely carrying out public relations.
Initially Apple claims that it is the first smartphone A7 64 "desktop class structure," which sounds like hype. As controversy puts it, 64 designs for most users and there is no difference, so this is marketing nonsense.
Indeed, Apple has officially released the iPhone 5S, a discussion session on the A7 in repeated public statements a bit disappointing. Conference, Apple's spoken words mentioned in the first three paragraphs of the single most important feature is the A7, desktop-class structural design.

But in the back of Apple's public relations rhetoric, there are some professional comments. CNET and Anandtech reviews have pointed out that this chip really quickly.
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Hotel giant Hilton plans to apply for IPO in the U.S.

Hilton Worldwide finally set foot on the road to market. Yesterday, there was foreign report that Hilton Worldwide has been in the United States submitted a listing application, plans IPO (initial public offering ) financing $ 1.25 billion, once the successful IPO then it will hit a record amount of financing the hotel industry.

Back in 2007, private equity fund Blackstone Group about $ 26 billion waste of money to invest in the U.S. Hilton, this transaction also includes Hilton's total debt. However, in 2008 or so, due to the financial turmoil and the tourism market lower, resulting in the hotel industry in the global market overall occupancy, room rates and RevPar are sharp decline was Blackrock Hilton facing repayment of debt of approximately $ 20 billion a huge risk. However, after several years of operation and the recovery of the hotel market, around 2011, the Blackstone investment has been converted for Hilton earnings, but also to convince the creditor Blackstone Hilton $ 20 billion debt reduction of $ 4 billion. Hilton was also helped pick up the business performance improvement Blackstone's real estate.
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Monday, October 7, 2013

The leading name in everything related to home deco and renovation, will be expanding its reach to the customers with a new partnership programme with BigBright LED. is among the most trusted names for fittings and as the brand implies renovation. When it comes to this industry, no other brands come close to what offers as the firm is involved with consultation, design, furnishing and every other related services.
The new range of products will be a direct collaboration with BigBright, the leading lighting specialist in Malaysia. As part of this expansion, will be launching a new dedicated section on the portal on lighting guide. This section will introduce all the concepts and explanation on lighting. This guide will offer a direct reference point for home owners, corporate companies, business owners and partners on the various types of lightings, the benefits and others. On top of that, the new Malaysia lighting guide section in will include illustrations and animation on how certain types of new LED technology can be applied to residential and commercial lighting projects in Malaysia.
This collaboration will start with the launch of a few flagship products which are the LED bulbs in Malaysia. The other two products include LED spot lights and the LED street lights. These 3 models are among the most popular ones distributed by BigBright and by working together with, both brands will surely enhance their corporate images respectively, providing a wider reach to their customers in Malaysia and the surrounding region.
LED bulbs are known for a broad range of advantages. The most significant benefit of using LED bulbs in Malaysia is that they are very energy efficient. By using lesser energy to produce the illumination, this type of lighting will help in reducing electricity bills tremendously. Unlike incandescent bulbs which are very energy consuming but produces lesser light, LED lights offer the space with a constant and more even illumination on the target surface.
In fact, it has been found that LED bulbs are able to save up to 80% in electricity. By emitting lesser heat, the premise owner will be able to save on other costs like air-conditioning. In being so, LED lights are seen as the perfect replacement for conventional lighting because they are in every more advantageous. Furthermore, LED lights are designed to last for a longer operational life where they can operate up to 8 times longer than normal light bulbs.
As part of this launch, will be offering a new range of CCTV in Malaysia and wireless Lighting Control Systems. There will be many different types and scales of systems that are available that can be catered to suit a certain space based on the size and the requirements. This new range will encompass products like an IT Converged LED Street Light, IP Camera and Wi-Fi, all of which are integrated to offer a more convenience and secure system.
It must be noted that this IT converged LED Security Lighting has a very significant reduction cost on installation where it can be as much as 66% which means that the owner will save more from the start. All the new systems under this product range are manufactured in China and Korea which comes with 5-years warranty. The chips that are used in manufacturing these systems are from Samsung, the world leading chipmaker and technology provider.
Another quality aspect of the new range of products is that they are all installed and fitted with LED power supply manufactured by Meanwell, the world leader in power supply modules for LEDs. This will further enhance the products that are offered which are guaranteed to perform at their optimal levels.
The new products are targeted to be launched in phases within the next quarter where with such a reputable list of manufacturers and partners, will definitely move quickly into providing more value-added products and services on house renovation in Malaysia to its clients. This will prepare for the challenges of the industry with so many players and competitors. All the new products and services offered by are specifically designed and selected from the best suppliers to ensure that the clients enjoy the peace of mind and assurance when purchasing them.
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The best way to photograph the beautiful LED Christmas lamps having iPhone5?

While Christmas is a Western holiday, but in China, whether it is a big city or small cities have caught up with the fashion, the streets are decorated every Christmas, put up beautiful Christmas tree and LED Christmas lamps. These naturally become a photographed object or background.

Today Christmas has passed; these furnishings are quickly close up, like taking pictures of friends are stepping up the last time to stay in these beautiful scenes shot. iPhone is a good camera tool, not only because of easy to carry, met a beautiful Christmas decorations can quickly come up to take pictures, and the iPhone built-in camera in low light conditions can also discharge beautiful photos. So bring shooting outdoor lighting is a very good choice.

Shooting outdoor lighting is the best time dusk, is called lanterns, this time against the background of Christmas lights extraordinarily beautiful. If your hands, is the iPhone 5, you are sure to try the camera panorama mode program, but when shooting using the panorama mode is best to use both hands to stabilize.

If you use iPhone shooting indoor lighting, it is much simpler. Indoor lighting is warm itself, with the iPhone you can easily make beautiful pictures. If you want the picture becomes less rigid, it can avoid the beat "group photo" type of way, meaning not simply the best way to close all the lights inside the lens, but the choice of many Christmas decorations as one of the highlights object, the other as a background. Or other items placed in front of the Christmas decorations and just the whole LED Christmas lamp as a background.

In any case, minimize the use of the iPhone's flash, flash photography under the LED Christmas lamps will suddenly eclipsed, no matter what software are difficult post- repair.

Mainly jewelry and almost every one tree will be decorated with glittering lights. In the past, Christmas in the United States is very simple, but now that Christmas has become a mix of various religious rituals and festive gatherings day. During the festival, people visiting friends and relatives, to send each other gifts, gatherings to celebrate, decorate Christmas decoration, and engaged in charitable activities, and of course ask Santa Claus to send blessings to the children, gifts.

For many Americans, Christmas is a permanent symbol of the National Mall in Washington on the National Christmas Tree. In a nighttime ceremony, usually by the President or the First Lady Christmas tree lit tree. For many Christians, Christmas candles may be the best gift.