Monday, October 7, 2013

The leading name in everything related to home deco and renovation, will be expanding its reach to the customers with a new partnership programme with BigBright LED. is among the most trusted names for fittings and as the brand implies renovation. When it comes to this industry, no other brands come close to what offers as the firm is involved with consultation, design, furnishing and every other related services.
The new range of products will be a direct collaboration with BigBright, the leading lighting specialist in Malaysia. As part of this expansion, will be launching a new dedicated section on the portal on lighting guide. This section will introduce all the concepts and explanation on lighting. This guide will offer a direct reference point for home owners, corporate companies, business owners and partners on the various types of lightings, the benefits and others. On top of that, the new Malaysia lighting guide section in will include illustrations and animation on how certain types of new LED technology can be applied to residential and commercial lighting projects in Malaysia.
This collaboration will start with the launch of a few flagship products which are the LED bulbs in Malaysia. The other two products include LED spot lights and the LED street lights. These 3 models are among the most popular ones distributed by BigBright and by working together with, both brands will surely enhance their corporate images respectively, providing a wider reach to their customers in Malaysia and the surrounding region.
LED bulbs are known for a broad range of advantages. The most significant benefit of using LED bulbs in Malaysia is that they are very energy efficient. By using lesser energy to produce the illumination, this type of lighting will help in reducing electricity bills tremendously. Unlike incandescent bulbs which are very energy consuming but produces lesser light, LED lights offer the space with a constant and more even illumination on the target surface.
In fact, it has been found that LED bulbs are able to save up to 80% in electricity. By emitting lesser heat, the premise owner will be able to save on other costs like air-conditioning. In being so, LED lights are seen as the perfect replacement for conventional lighting because they are in every more advantageous. Furthermore, LED lights are designed to last for a longer operational life where they can operate up to 8 times longer than normal light bulbs.
As part of this launch, will be offering a new range of CCTV in Malaysia and wireless Lighting Control Systems. There will be many different types and scales of systems that are available that can be catered to suit a certain space based on the size and the requirements. This new range will encompass products like an IT Converged LED Street Light, IP Camera and Wi-Fi, all of which are integrated to offer a more convenience and secure system.
It must be noted that this IT converged LED Security Lighting has a very significant reduction cost on installation where it can be as much as 66% which means that the owner will save more from the start. All the new systems under this product range are manufactured in China and Korea which comes with 5-years warranty. The chips that are used in manufacturing these systems are from Samsung, the world leading chipmaker and technology provider.
Another quality aspect of the new range of products is that they are all installed and fitted with LED power supply manufactured by Meanwell, the world leader in power supply modules for LEDs. This will further enhance the products that are offered which are guaranteed to perform at their optimal levels.
The new products are targeted to be launched in phases within the next quarter where with such a reputable list of manufacturers and partners, will definitely move quickly into providing more value-added products and services on house renovation in Malaysia to its clients. This will prepare for the challenges of the industry with so many players and competitors. All the new products and services offered by are specifically designed and selected from the best suppliers to ensure that the clients enjoy the peace of mind and assurance when purchasing them.
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