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Monday, December 9, 2013

GLII: 2013 Prices of stage LED lighting down by16% in 2013

According to Engineering LED Industry Institute (GLII) statistics, after years of development, the global market has begun to take shape stage LED lighting. Currently, the number of a certain size of the domestic LED stage light company has more than 100 (only production-oriented enterprises, does not contain trade enterprises ), in 2012 the annual output value of the domestic LED stage light nearly 1 billion year on year growth of more than 20 %.

Stage LED lighting includes LED Par Light, LED effect light patterns, LED moving head light, LED strobe and other application areas such as bars, discos, dance halls, TV studio, KTV rooms, and various types of stage and so on.

Because of the superiority of its own LED lighting, stage LED lighting have been gradually recognized by the market, the market demand has also been rapid growth in recent years.

2012, the annual global market LED stage light output value reached 960 million, an increase of 23%. Compared to 2011, although the decline in the growth rate of the market size, but is still among the fast-growing trend. GLII expected, with LED lighting technology continues to mature, stage LED lighting prices continue to decline, the next few years, the global LED lighting market is expected to growth stage at around 20 %.

With the use of traditional tungsten halogen and gas discharge lamp as the light source compared to the stage lights, LED stage lighting has many advantages, it is precisely because of these advantages, and the global LED lighting market was able to stage a sustained, rapid growth.

As we all know, the current penetration rate of LED lighting market as a whole is not high, one of the main reasons is that most LED lighting product price is too high - is the traditional lighting of the times, even ten times, so that many customers prohibitive.

Stage Lights aspects specific to the current average price of a traditional stage lights a few hundred dollars, while the average price of stage LED lighting at about two thousand dollars, differences between the two, which to some extent restricts the development of LED stage lighting market.

However, considering the LED lighting technology continues to evolve and mature, declining prices of LED stage lighting, as well as the continuous development of the domestic entertainment industry brought about a vast space stage LED lighting market, GLII believes that the future of the global LED market has a good stage lights prospects for development.

LED light efficiency rising, under the same luminous efficiency, stage LED lighting will be getting lower and lower energy consumption, energy-saving advantages will become more apparent. CREE February this year, announced that the company has reached the laboratory LED luminous efficiency 276lm / W.

Stage lights cooling technology continues to improve, life stage LED lighting will gradually be extended; constantly improve LED stage light dimming technology, combined with the use of relevant software, stage LED lighting can be achieved and can be applied to a variety of stage lighting needs.

Monday, December 2, 2013

What are the common causes of fluorescent 18W fluorescent tube?

Fluorescent broken home, there are many causes, probably because there is no regulator, power fluctuations cause, there may be a lamp aging, here we analyze in detail next.

The phenomenon is: one or both ends of the lamp black, blackened large range, or around the 18W fluorescent tube black surface. Lamp does not light in motion, or have short flash, the action does not immediately extinguished discharge. Tube ends are issued without producing deep orange glow discharge effect. The reason enough to prolonged use, and the two electrodes simultaneously around the phosphor coating faded down or end faded off. At this point, you should replace the lamp.

Lamp usage time is not long, far below the nominal time. The reason is not suitable for the power supply voltage, switching frequency caused by too much to start, or because of poor contact pin. Approach is to identify the data ballast on? Minimize the switching frequency, detailed examination of parts and accessories for all contacts.

The bulb-end color, shading occurs in a wide range, black or brown rings ring. The reason for this phenomenon is the condensation of mercury lamps, ballasts and lamps do not match, or a bad starter quality. It should also measure the voltage compliance, the contact portions are good contact.

Tube ends only dark light without light, because the capacitor short circuit inside the starter or stick inseparable contacts or wiring errors. Treatment methods are: put a new starter Look.

Phenomenon is closed when the start switch, flash a long time, this continues, the lamp will soon be damaged. The reason for this 18W fluorescent tube may be fluorescent tube has been in use for a long life will end. If you are a new lamp that happens, then that is the quality of the lamp is not high, or because of outdated and useless starter. If the supply voltage is too low, the ambient temperature is too low or the lamp is difficult to start. Overhaul, if it is a new lamp should put it to another test a better light on what, if still difficult start, the lamp is a problem, as it proved to be a good test tube, then the regulator should be checked starter and ballast, or increase the voltage, or until the room temperature reaches room temperature before starting to use by the regulator.

Noise emitted 18W fluorescent tube ballasts, which was mainly due to problems caused by the installation undesirable, or ballast internal iron vibration, or the lamp and ballast specifications do not match, the ballast itself, fever, there are other reasons ballast partial short circuit.

This method of treatment 18W fluorescent tube is the ballast with a soft rubber cushion pad up so will reduce some noise. Also check the wiring for errors in detail, and then there are the ballast removed, alone with the rated voltage, so that you can determine whether there are problems with the ballast.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Power Power announces new 25W LED T8 bulb ballast power supply

For general illumination of the LED driver IC leader in the field of Power Integrations, Inc. today announced the release of a new 25 W LED T8 bulb ballast power supply reference design. The design (T8 bulb) The most striking is that efficiency of over 91%, achieving industry leading level, while the power factor (PF greater than 0.9 ) and harmonic distortion (EN61000-3-2 Class C) areas to meet commercial requirements.

T8 bulb is using LinkSwitch-PH family of LED driver IC designed LNK409EG single stage converter. Single-stage technology by eliminating the conventional two-stage design used in optical isolators and large aluminum electrolytic capacitors can greatly extend the life of the product.

Power Integrations, product marketing manager Andrew Smith said: "The lighting in improving the overall luminous efficiency, achieve high power conversion efficiency and LED choices are equally important, if not a single-stage topology, in the narrow space T8 lamps in a cost -effective way to maximize efficiency above 88% is extremely difficult thing, while the efficiency of the design was easily more than 91%."Smith added: "Most areas require commercial and industrial lighting products must have low THD or high PF - LinkSwitch-PH LED driver IC can easily meet the requirements of this specification, so that the final design for the global market. More information, see this new designs paradigm report. "

In addition to using the controller, drives, and switching MOSFET simultaneously integrated into a single package within a highly integrated single-chip design outside, Power Integrations' LinkSwitch-PH product line also includes thermal protection and over-current protection, including many protection functions. This means that only very few external components to achieve design plan - which for T8 lamps compact space is extremely important.