Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Power Power announces new 25W LED T8 bulb ballast power supply

For general illumination of the LED driver IC leader in the field of Power Integrations, Inc. today announced the release of a new 25 W LED T8 bulb ballast power supply reference design. The design (T8 bulb) The most striking is that efficiency of over 91%, achieving industry leading level, while the power factor (PF greater than 0.9 ) and harmonic distortion (EN61000-3-2 Class C) areas to meet commercial requirements.

T8 bulb is using LinkSwitch-PH family of LED driver IC designed LNK409EG single stage converter. Single-stage technology by eliminating the conventional two-stage design used in optical isolators and large aluminum electrolytic capacitors can greatly extend the life of the product.

Power Integrations, product marketing manager Andrew Smith said: "The lighting in improving the overall luminous efficiency, achieve high power conversion efficiency and LED choices are equally important, if not a single-stage topology, in the narrow space T8 lamps in a cost -effective way to maximize efficiency above 88% is extremely difficult thing, while the efficiency of the design was easily more than 91%."Smith added: "Most areas require commercial and industrial lighting products must have low THD or high PF - LinkSwitch-PH LED driver IC can easily meet the requirements of this specification, so that the final design for the global market. More information, see this new designs paradigm report. "

In addition to using the controller, drives, and switching MOSFET simultaneously integrated into a single package within a highly integrated single-chip design outside, Power Integrations' LinkSwitch-PH product line also includes thermal protection and over-current protection, including many protection functions. This means that only very few external components to achieve design plan - which for T8 lamps compact space is extremely important.

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