Monday, November 25, 2013

U.S. scientists have found an effective chemical molecules to deal with skin sunburn

Recently, American scientists succeeded in finding a chemical molecules called TRPV4, its role is overexposure to ultraviolet light generated by itching, redness, peeling sunburn symptoms produced a series of crucial influence. To offer the chemical molecules secreted inhibitor added to sunscreen creams, allowing ultraviolet rays of the sun in the confrontation can produce a more effective role.

China Network August 12 hearing, according to the French " Le Figaro" website reported on August 11, U.S. researchers recently announced that it has succeeded in finding a more effective inhibition of sunburn and reduce skin damage chemical molecules. More news on skin care.

Recently, the United States three universities - Duke University, Rockefeller University and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) joint participation in a study called TRPV4 successfully found a chemical molecules, whose role is overexposure to ultraviolet light produced by itching, redness, peeling sunburn symptoms produced a series of crucial influence.

Because the body can produce vitamin D light elements, it is appropriate to ultraviolet radiation in daily life is still very necessary. However, once the excessive human exposure to the sun, it will result in a short period of redness, peeling and other symptoms of sunburn, and thus leaving the skin is aging rapidly and increase the chances of skin cancer prevalence.

Recently, one published in the "American National Academy of Sciences " (PNAS) the study showed, by the excessive ultraviolet radiation generated by sunburn symptoms may be one element in and out. Research team leader, Duke University School of Medicine professor of neurology and neurobiology Wolfgang Liedtke explained: "We found that for sunburn symptoms of a new interpretation of the doctrine."

In this experiment, the researchers will feature a group of normal mice and another group after transgene can not secrete chemical molecules TRPV4 rats were placed in UV light, after some time found that the measure has not been genetically modified, continue to secrete TRPV4 chemical molecules against excessive ultraviolet radiation group rats produced a fur blisters, peeling sunburn, allergic reactions, but not transgene chemical molecules secreted TRPV4 fur group rats were relatively no strong allergic reactions.

To further demonstrate the effect of chemical molecules TRPV4 research team rat skin cells was related experiments, subsequently on human skin cells to the same experiment. Study found that prolonged exposure to UV light activates TRPV4 chemical molecules, so that calcium ions confluence trigger spread, causing pain, inflammation, itching coexist appear, and then will lead to the proliferation of chemical molecules in vivo TRPV4 increased, and so on ad infinitum, causing the skin surface adverse reactions.

With this discovery, the researchers attempt to normal non-transgenic mice implanted chemical molecules secreted elements TRPV4 inhibition experiments. The results showed that: inhibitor prevents the confluence of calcium in cells, it eliminates the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin irritation.

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