Thursday, November 21, 2013

French media: tablets become the most desirable 2013 Christmas gift

According to Agence France-Presse, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany -based market research firm GfK Group's local time November 18, said in a technology-based items, smart phones and tablet PCs will once again become the star of Christmas. In France, there are no less than 4.3 million units or smart phones and tablet PCs were sold during the holiday season.

Reported that the Frenchman or listed in the GfK Group's 10 largest technology products to spend nearly 2 billion euros (about 16.461 billion). And 2012's "investment" compared to this figure quite stable. Pick up 2013 Christmas gift for your family and friends here at

It is reported that the risk of smart phones top the list for two consecutive years, followed by a tablet computer. The GfK Group's senior officers said that the smart phone is the 2013 Christmas Frenchman real darling. But thanks to a variety of budgets developed, aimed at all consumers a variety of prices, extensive quotations makes the Tablet PC and smart phone has been nearly as much welcome.

It is reported that immediately after the smartphone tablet will achieve higher than TV or laptop PC sales expected in 12 months this month alone its sales will more than 450 million euros.

GfK Group, said, digital cameras, portable radios, televisions and personal computers to attract consumers compared to 2012 has decreased, but remained stable squat Christmas gift list. The GfK Group noted that, in these products, innovation will be never like this so persuasive factor.

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