Monday, December 30, 2013

Oslon black light LED meets the security needs of discreet applications

black light LEDIt not only has a wavelength of 940 nm light basically invisible, which is also close to the black package does not reflect any ambient light. Plus it nearly 1W high light output, making this the Osram Opto Semiconductors produced by an black light LED, an ideal light source covert surveillance systems.

Bank, special equipment and border checkpoints are designed to hide the need to install security systems, so as not to arouse people's attention. The commonly used wavelength black light LED looks like a weak spot, which shimmer in the dark environment in particular. The solution is to replace the wavelength of 940 nm, in contrast, noted the possibility of such a naked light 130 times lower, but the camera sensor, but it can easily detect this invisible emitted light. This is a big challenge for the system is used in such applications for infrared illumination.

This OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Oslon Black SFH 4725S, is ideal for such applications system components. This is the basis behind Nanostack efficient technology, OSRAM successful application of this technology allows a single wafer to provide two emission centers, thus almost doubling the light output. SFH 4725S radiation intensity at 90 ° emission angle can reach 450mW / s, and therefore can provide excellent lighting for monitoring areas. Radiant Intensity (mW per sphere calculation) represents the light output within a solid angle range and, therefore, represents the intensity of the light.

SFH 4725S black packaging, it is ensured that components can be completely hidden in the rear of the camera lens. Dr. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors German headquarters of industrial infrared component product marketing director Jörg Heerlein said: "The wave of up to 940 nm of SFH 4725S is our Oslon Black Series in the new force, security applications used; In this regard, the already standard crystal round and 850nm versions Nanostack wafers. "

Oslon is currently one of the visual and infrared lighting products in the field of the most powerful. Size Oslon infrared devices only 3.85 x 3.85 x 2.29 mm, belonging to infrared light emitting diode power 1W (IRED) is the most compact of the column. Dr. Heerlein added: "there were visible light manufacturing applications users can direct their knowledge and processes to migrate to Oslon infrared series." There are a variety of different lenses on the market, designers can take advantage of that IRED beam can be shaped to meet a variety of special needs.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Major advantages and application of LED tube lights

LED tube light is suitable for most indoor lighting such as: home, hotels, shopping malls, offices, car parks, warehouses, factories, schools, supermarkets, passageways, corridors and advertising cabinet, household appliances and other indoor lighting inside. In these applications obvious advantages than ordinary fluorescent

Advantages of LED tube lights are reflected in the following aspects:

A supermarket lighting: Led semiconductor lighting electric light spectrum which are concentrated in the visible range, almost no infrared and ultraviolet light, it is conducive to the preservation of various foods, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, milk, etc., while Since Led power semiconductor lighting almost no heat, so it can effectively reduce power consumption when the air conditioning and refrigeration.

2 refrigerators, freezers, cold storage lighting:. LED tube light for temperature, humidity, adaptable, especially at low temperatures can have higher performance, no heat, can effectively reduce the power consumption of the cooling time.

3 in the furniture and furniture retailers lighting:. Led semiconductor lighting electric light spectrum very pure, no heat, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation, so the protection, conservation wood furniture, all kinds of materials, no distortion, no deterioration, durable paint, very bright good.

4 lighting mines, tunnels, gas stations and other flammable places:. Led semiconductor lighting electric light no heat, no infrared and ultraviolet light, afraid of shock, sparks no ordinary fluorescent easy to produce at startup, it is a very safe lighting products.

5 School Lighting: Led fluorescent strobe low depth, high color rendering index, it is particularly suitable for use in school lighting, visual health protection of students, has a significant role, especially in growing children and adolescents.

6 factory lighting: Led fluorescent strobe low depth, high color rendering index, it is also very suitable for factory floor lighting, help protect the visual health of workers, no flicker can reduce the chances of injury and reduce the chance of error improve product quality, while taking advantage of the characteristics of directional lighting led light, work and non- work zone illumination design differences, it helps to focus and improve work efficiency.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Probably the safest LED bicycle lights in the world

The bike itself has a high theft rate, but the bike accessories; in fact, the theft rate is also very high.
SG-N1000 High Power Cree Mountain Aluminum Bicycle LED Front Light
The same is true in the United States, said that the family will bike 1/3, have had the experience of being stolen LED bicycle lights; As for fear of theft, so always readily scored among LED bicycle lights.

It is said that there are 80% who therefore forget the LED bicycle lights  go out. Thus, two American industrial designer loves bicycling Brad Geswein and Slava Menn, because their friends in a stolen LED bicycle lights, night cycling accident after the results, it was decided to address this problem, to design yourself a very LED bicycle lights stolen results difficult, which is now seeing this Defender was born. Defender use special screws on the shape of the bike, so there is no way to open stole an ordinary screwdriver; Even the installed batteries are designed to place anti-theft mechanisms, must use a fine needle to pierce a small hole in the iron switch to open to replace the battery. Purchase will be supplied special screwdriver shape, as well as a small iron bar used to open the battery lid. Careless not lost, as long as a letter in the past, they are also willing to send you a replacement tool for you. "

This is probably the world's most serious theft of LED bicycle lights it, although if the whole car was stolen, then probably Mozhe, but if the whole car was stolen, leaving only LED bicycle lights, it should also be quite scary is a. Defender now on pre-sale and popular, has raised the estimated amount needed to plan, so long as paying $ 50, you can get a group to determine the Defender around April. Defender use 6 LED lights, can provide up to 60 lumens of brightness. Need to install three AA batteries, can provide an average of 100 hours of lighting time.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Market demand for LED tube light expected to increase 80% in 2014

With LED prices, coupled with LED tube light efficiency increased year by year, the acquisition cost of the recovery period was shortened, driving global business and the public sector to the will greatly enhance replacement lamps, LED tube light source to replace the official launch of the global tide, with bulb and lamp pipes and other alternative sources its most popular products. Industry sources estimate, compared with 2013, in 2014 the global LED Bulb quantity demand will grow 86 percent, while the number of LED lamps demand growth rate reached 89%.

LEDinside analyst pointed out that the rapid decline in the price of LED tube light products, joint stimulate market demand, so various manufacturers continue to introduce a variety of LED tube lighting products closer to traditional lighting products prices. With LED bulb, for example, with respect to 2012, the year LED bulb product prices fell significantly faster, and the spread between different brands is gradually narrowing. And positive pricing strategy is expected to line manufacturers of LED tube lighting market will cause considerable role in promoting and driving prices to stimulate demand in 2014 will further fermentation.

In addition to the manufacturer's pricing strategy, the regional market tenders and subsidy policies for enhancing the penetration of LED tube lighting has a great help. For example there are still some areas of North America EnergyStar ongoing subsidy program, and lamps price subsidies are more likely to be accepted by consumers. In addition, national policies have been implemented to disable the incandescent LED tube lighting market also play a greater role in promoting development.

In the passage, since lighting is fairly obvious regional characteristics. Therefore, regulations and consumer countries use different habits, but also indirectly affect the sales channel looks like. After the LED tube lighting began to flourish, more and more manufacturers have begun into the LED tube lighting market to compete with the traditional industry, either directly or dealers compete for large retail stores and scored, making more and more vendors channel management attention.

Thus, in the fast-growing LED lighting bulb market, lighting manufacturers have to integrate the resources and technology through the acquisition path, enhance competitiveness. Furthermore, to enhance the brand image can be expanded lighting manufacturers bargaining space; you can also get rid of the dilemma of continuing price competition.

" Lower product prices, actively seek tenders subsidies, and vigorously access road construction, acquisition channels and technologies to improve competitiveness, promotion of smart lighting, and enhance the brand image, etc., or a major development strategy from 2013 to 2014 lighting manufacturers."

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

LED tube light market continues to grow

Environmentally friendly energy efficient LED tube light output increasing, but is still facing difficulties widespread use. LED manufacturers are actively increasing the output of LED lighting products, which this year has just launched a product --- LED Fluorescent (FL) Tube --- has been output range. According to the latest report of NPD Display Search LED Lighting Marketand Forecast Report, LED lamp 2013 's international market share will reach 6 %, and will rise to 22.3% by 2016. FL lamp output in 2013 will be 23,000 million, the 2016 is expected to increase to 79,100 ten thousand.

NPD Display Search LED analyst Steven Sher said: "LED lighting provides innovative lighting, and effectively reduces energy consumption especially in the areas of power shortage, LED lamp will most likely be popular, and LED lighting equipment will be widely around the world."

In Japan, the U.S. and Europe LED tube light output continued to increase. As the market newborns, LEDFL clearly not the first choice of consumers, but it is still a growing market for the following reasons.

LED tube light is considered a green product because it does not use mercury in the manufacturing process. LED tube lights can save 50 % power factor between 0.9-0.99 while T8FL only 0.7. LED tube lights are suitable for replacement of old lamps or basement office use, since these areas often require 24 hours lights, energy saving is essential.

However, challenges remain, especially the problem of high cost, which has become the most important issue will be the promotion of a vintage lamp LEDFL alternatives facing the process, because, after all, old-fashioned lamp lower prices. However, LED manufacturers are trying to narrow the price difference between the two. One way is to design a product suitable for most LED lighting power supply module. In 2013, some of the power module manufacturers to design a new product to the MR-16, A-Lamp and LED tube light use, making the cost of these products decreased by 10%.

Sher added: "The market has already launched a number of different types of LED tube lights, including different shapes, rated power, length, color and lighting features, but due to the lack of standard specifications, the consumer is difficult to accurately choose the most suitable."

Monday, December 23, 2013

Slow recovery of the global economy pattern conversion

The overall global economic situation in 2013 was slightly better than in 2012, but economic growth in developed and developing countries, reversing the trend line, making the overall performance of the economy is still showing the basic trend of slow recovery, downside risks to the global economy has not completely eliminated, new round growth trend has not yet emerged.

Since the beginning of economic growth in both developed and emerging economies facing away from the line - from the recession in developed economies began to accelerate the pace of recovery has accelerated, at the same time, economic growth in developing countries has decreased significantly, two-phase offset global economic growth is not ideal, leading to slow growth of international trade, global commodity prices stable and little decrease. Check out the latest economy info

Developed countries, the U.S. economic recovery are strongest. U.S. third quarter GDP growth reached 2.8%, more than expected; the latest unemployment rate dropped to 7%, the inflation rate was controlled at about 1%. Statistics released from, the U.S. debt crisis and the government of up to half a month's closing event none of the real impact to the U.S. economy.

Currently, the situation in Europe is the weakest in the developed world; the European economy is expected to achieve only modest growth this year. Second quarter of 2013, the end of the European economy "double dip", began to enter recovery phase of growth. The core of Germany, France and other major economy performed better, Spain, Italy economic decline is shrinking.

Japan's growth is not stable in the past export-led growth model into a new model of domestic demand -led growth. In the first half, driven by economics Abe, the Japanese economy is returning to the "high growth." The first two quarters annualized GDP growth of 4.1 % and 3.8 %, respectively, but the third quarter economic growth rate of 1.9 percent, exports to emerging markets decline pulled down the economic growth.

In Britain and other developed countries, the U.S. and Japan to adjust the policy effects began to appear in some cases, negatively affected by the spillover effects of economic policy in developed countries, coupled with the vulnerability of their economies, emerging economies are facing a slowdown in economic growth, high inflation challenge. Lack of confidence in domestic consumption is not busy, and the decline in import demand in developed countries and other parts of lower export prices are affecting economic growth.

Following the 2012 minority economies such as Brazil and India, a "hard landing" this year after growth in emerging economies continued to fall. In the second quarter, economic growth in India slipped further to 4.4 percent, the lowest since 2009. Russia's third-quarter economic growth of close to zero, the annual growth rate will be lower than the 1.8% expected. Better performance in previous years, Indonesia's second -quarter economic growth rate of 5.8 percent, down four consecutive quarters.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Google to enter the smart appliance market with LED light switches

Google announced after the Internet, Google will now enter the field of household appliances - Google will produce bulbs, thermostats and dishwashers, and integrated wireless technology in these appliances.

British Daily Telegraph reported that Google respects, said the company will release a new "almost everything" in the end of this year, household appliances, wireless technology will make these devices and tablet computers communicate with each other.

Held in San Francisco, Google software developer conference, Google announced the development of the company code for "Tungsten" development plan. Google claims that the program is designed to make home appliances between each other can "discover, connect and communicate."

In the Android operating system "Android @ home" series of demonstration, Google demonstrated a controllable LED light switch Tablet PC, and even a "near field communication " (NFC) chip, just put it on the microphone next to it can drive other devices to play songs.

While entering this competition has been very intense, "home automation" market is a risky move Google, but Google said it now has 40,000 daily Android device is activated.

Google says there have now been implanted in a family environment applications, such as to increase the brightness of the lighting and alarm clock radios turned on the user program. Google currently offers more than 200,000 various types of applications, has been downloaded nearly 45 million times million units in a variety of devices.

Relevant information:

How to deal with LED downlight bulb heat problems

More about LED lighting read me:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

China Construction acquired 270,000,000 acquisition of U.S. Company PLAZA

China Construction conducted a wholly owned subsidiary of CCT USA Ltd. (China Construction America, Inc) signed an agreement with the United States PLAZA construction company, the company will contribute U.S. $ 44.4 million (approximately equivalent to 270 million), the acquisition of 92.5% stake in the U.S. PLAZA construction company.

It is reported that, PLAZA Construction Company founded in 1986, is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, mainly engaged in construction management, general contracting and engineering consulting services business. The company's business is mainly concentrated in New York, Florida, California and medium-sized cities in Washington, DC, is one of America's leading construction management and general contractor. Learn more about the construction industry

Currently, overseas Chinese business structure is tilted to the building of infrastructure and real estate. Since listing, the company has been operating in promoting structural adjustment, make housing construction, infrastructure, real estate accounting for revenue from 8:1:1 to 5:3:2 adjusted, overseas business is no exception.

In overseas infrastructure and real estate business, the company's infrastructure business accounted for 40% of overseas contract amount. Real estate, the company has acquired Grade A office space in London's financial district, New York, New Jersey area first started real estate development business ; in financing overseas, the company has four listed subsidiaries in Hong Kong : China Overseas Land, China Overseas Grand Oceans, China State Construction International and Far East Global. The first two are principally engaged in the real estate business, the latter focuses on the construction sector.

Analysts said the construction company will PLAZA's admission, will help expand the company's market share in developed countries, and enhance professional and international competitiveness.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Star optical releases energy efficient inductive LED T8 fluorescent lighting

Following the previously announced Ultra High Brightness LED T8 fluorescent lighting, 24W exclusive technology developed specifications, star right photovoltaic research and development focused on the production of "inductive LED T8 fluorescent lightings."

Inductive LED T8 fluorescent lighting can be used in factory buildings, warehouses, parking lots and other places, the lamp body temperature sensor is to light, when people leave or stationary, self-extinguishing lamp that can save electricity and save electricity. Induction lamps can be customized, either inductive angle sensor time, light time, brightness, size, customized production, to provide a complete energy-saving programs.

Star right optoelectronic also used in medical research and development institutes LED T8 fluorescent lighting, particularly strengthened to prevent electromagnetic interference, successfully broke into the hospital system in Japan, Taiwan's future health care system will be gradually adopted.

T8 lamp brightness compared to the same conventional bulb (incandescent) have a higher luminous efficiency, because the energy consumed in a high proportion is converted to visible light, while less is converted to heat energy is wasted, so the use of the same luminosity fluorescent tubes lower temperature than incandescent. Incandescent generally only about 10% of the input energy is converted into visible light, the same luminosity T8 lamps generally only the former power consumption is about 1 /3 to 1/4, long service life compared conventional bulbs about 10-20 times.

Although slightly higher purchase cost T8 incandescent lamp, but it can save more energy and electricity, also make it a longer life replacement costs relative decline, in terms of commercial replacement bulbs can save labor costs.

Compared with the traditional incandescent bulb, energy conversion efficiency better, less heat, higher color rendering. As has been widely used, it has been generally better understanding of the structure and performance of products, supporting product technology is very mature, so a large area.

Energy-saving lamps more power than T8 lamps, especially fluorescent spiral. T5 electronic energy-saving lamps more than traditional T8 lamps more than 40%, coupled with the T8 fluorescent lighting is halogen mixture of powder and liquid mercury, no recycling value after corruption, serious environmental pollution.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

T5 fluorescent lighting market benefits from public institutions o energy saving

The use of efficient lighting products to replace ordinary incandescent lighting energy saving is to achieve the most direct and feasible way, saving rate of 60-80 %, after the replacement process is complete, the global lighting energy consumption ratio will be reduced to 17 %.

March 10, at the National Authority of the State Council held a public agency energy management company 's 2011 energy-saving modifications liaison meetings of public bodies on "public body energy" second five "special plan", "green lighting project " is defined as important energy project public institutions. Planning requirements "Twelve Five" period, public institutions in the country the green light to work in full swing. It should be widely used in compact fluorescent lamps, straight tube fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium, metal halide lamps, light emitting diodes (LED) and other efficient light sources. Light promotion with reasonable efficiency and durability of highly reflective reflector lamps good and intelligent control device, to achieve efficient light office usage 100%; T5 fluorescent lighting source, such as the utilization rate of more than 10% solids.

And the industry is concerned that the State Land Management Division of saving public agencies He clears that at the meeting, in 2011 the central level public institutions to achieve energy-saving lamps use up to 100 %. Each place should further intensify its efforts towards this year's provincial public agencies can all use energy-saving lamps. The industry generally believe that the move to the production of highly efficient lighting products is an inspiration, although the former has the country 's real estate purchase eight new deal promises to bring them quite cool.

In fact, since April 1, 2008 implementation has revised "Energy Conservation Law." In the "Energy Conservation Law" on the inside of Chapter III of Section V of the public institutions devoted to energy issues. " Public institutions as a leader in energy-saving society as a whole, advocates and organizers, are supposed to create a " two-oriented society to play " in an exemplary role model, the only way to convince and mobilize the whole society to engage in energy conservation, so that during the second five public sector energy efficiency will be the trend. "

This year is the first year of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", is still the focus of energy conservation, local governments have introduced appropriate policy support energy conservation, development of production industries as a benchmark. T5 fluorescent lighting used in the past dominated workplace, now with T5 fluorescent lighting and magnetic ballasts to limit or prohibit the use and cost in LED technology or circumstances to be perfect, T5 T8 energy saving of nearly 40 of its relative %, and has a high color, good light quality, long life, low light decay and other technical advantages, as the preferred current office, business, school, underground works.

And as early as July 1, 2010, traditional incandescent, quartz lamps, etc. are included on the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee " restrictions on the use of building materials directory " and banned in Beijing new public since September 1, 2010 used in residential construction and fine decoration.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Buyers in Australia prefer houses near railway lines

For most of us, the time spent on transportation is tantamount to waste time, so close to the house price higher transportation facilities is not surprising. In all modes of transportation, the train of the most acclaimed of the national buyers, "close to the railway line," became a house features they want most.

For most of us, the time spent on transportation is tantamount to waste time, so close to the house price higher transportation facilities is not surprising. In all modes of transportation, the train of the most acclaimed of the national buyers, "close to the railway line," became a house features they want most. Check out the latest news on railway.

"Under normal circumstances, the house closer to the higher price of the railway line," Australian Property Authority, Dr Andrew Wilson, senior economist said.

"We need to improve the transport infrastructure takes a long time; it is difficult for us, so the current infrastructure is even more popular, especially in the railway line, because it is independent of the highway system."

With the urban sprawl of Melbourne and Sydney, the popularity of rail traffic growth, within walking distance to the train station house will be more popular.

"Close to the station house for many homebuyers is in high demand," Greg Hocking Poulios agency Angela Limanis said," I have heard over and over again, then it is hoped near the train station. Currently they will buy a little further, but consider the distance, the price will be low. All close to the station house prices are very high. "

The house is both desirable to be able to walk to the train station, but not from a particularly close, you have to know the arrival time of each vehicle.

Recently, the National Exhibition Centre in Sydney, which opened in 2013 Australian Railway Exhibition, China CNR rail equipment company pavilions together to rail transportation equipment manufacturing world counterparts Recommend companies and 40 tons axle load railway wagons, turn K1 Bogie, Famous couplers and other heavy-duty, effectively increasing the overall image.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lugulake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Mice Optical Mouse Mice 5 Buttons Wired

This mouse is a perfect showcase of comfort and simplicity. It is easy to use buttons: All buttons are easily operable without contorting your fingers. The button force is light for easy clicking, but still firm enough to avoid accidental actuation.

This Vertical Ergonomic Mouse makes your hand on a horizontal position; it helps to relieve strain on your forearm. It features standard USB connection and nice appearance, perfect blend of shiny and a really nice scroll for better control

You may not get used to the product at the beginning, due to its innovative design. Please keep using the product for a few days, and you will enjoy its convenience.

Mouse is a very common and common computer input devices, it can on the current screen cursor positioning device through buttons and scroll wheel on the screen elements position the cursor after the operation. The originator of the mouse appeared in 1968. American scientist Douglas Engelbart in California produced the first mouse. December 9, 1968, the first mouse in the world was born in Stanford University.

Mouse designed only, instead of using the mouse to the keyboard command cumbersome, so that the operation of the computer easier. Only the shape of the mouse is a small wooden box, its working principle is to drive the ball it at the bottom of the pivot, and then driven to change the rheostat resistance to displacement signal, and the signal transmitted to the host. In 2009, Apple introduced a new mouse Magic Mouse, using inherited from the iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook multi-touch technology, all the mouse buttons, scroll wheel is removed, only with a whole slice of multi-touch panel, you can provide equivalent general mouse left and right, as well as 360 -degree wheel function, and are able to operate more two-finger gestures.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Smart dimmer controller: use your gesture to control lighting

For most of us, want to turn the house lights, fans and air conditioners and other appliances need to use a different switch / remote control. However, with the development of home automation, we will soon be able to use a gesture to control more than one device, which is also Ube's WiFi Smart dimmer controller want to achieve. Ube Production Company released an updated version of the smart dimmer controller at this SXSW show, able to house other smart devices control.

As the name implies, smart dimmers through the sliding surface of the touch pad to adjust home lighting. Simply slide open / close the lights, use two fingers to adjust multiple lights. Now, Ube longer satisfied merely to adjust the lighting, the upgraded version of the intelligent dimmer controller can control other intelligent devices, such as using a finger to write "W" will open sprinklers, or write "A" to turn on / off the home alarm devices.

Changing the light flux of the light source means to adjust the level of illumination of an electrical device. And the composition of the system capacity is called modulating means. Its basic principle is to change the input source to achieve the purpose of RMS current dimming. Dimmer different purpose is to adjust the light brightness. RMS voltage by reducing or increasing the average power of the light produced to promote the different intensity of light output. Although the variable voltage device can be used for various purposes, but the regulation is intended to control the illumination.

The size of a normal lamp switches for small units of large theater or architectural lighting home lighting, high power units used. Small units dimmer controllers are usually direct control, high power units are using a remote control system. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to deal with LED downlight bulb heat problems

With the summer season decoration, lighting industry is no exception, currently the most fashionable LED downlight bulbs, but also by the majority of consumers in hot pursuit, but few people know how LED downlight bulbs are conducted heat, below we hear Vauban LED downlight bulb LED Mall for a detailed description of the heat.

This is the most common way of cooling, aluminum fins as part of the housing to increase the cooling area. The use of liquid bulb packaging technology has high thermal conductivity of the transparent liquid filled LED downlight bulb in the lamp body. This is in addition to reflective principle, the only use of LED chip smooth thermal conductivity, thermal technology.

In the home-based lower power LED lamps, lamp often use an internal space, the driver circuit portion or all of the heat into. Such as screw cap can be used with such a large cooling metal surface of the lamp, because the lamp is a metal electrode and the socket -contact power supply line. So part of the heat can be derived there from heat.

Thermally conductive filler material in the injection molding of plastic shell, plastic shell increases thermal conductivity, heat capacity. Lamp shell reinforced with longevity and efficient internal cooling fan, low cost, good effect. But the trouble is that some fans want to change, does not apply to outdoor, this design is more rare.

Use of heat pipe technology allows the heat to be generated by the LED chip lead into the housing fins. In large lighting, such as street lamps is a common design. The purpose is to reduce the heat of the lamp envelope of the operating temperature of the LED chip, the LED chip we used the thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity of metal, thermal expansion coefficient, a large gap between the material can not be welded directly to the LED chip, so high, low thermal stress damage of the LED chip. New ceramic material with high thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity close to aluminum, and the expansion factor can be adjusted to synchronize with the LED chip. This can be thermal, heat integration, reduce heat conduction intermediate links.

Do light shell surface radiation heat treatment, a simple paint is applied radiant heat, radiant heat can be removed from the way light shell surface. Use light shell shape, creating a convection air, which is the lowest -cost way to enhance heat dissipation.

Monday, December 9, 2013

GLII: 2013 Prices of stage LED lighting down by16% in 2013

According to Engineering LED Industry Institute (GLII) statistics, after years of development, the global market has begun to take shape stage LED lighting. Currently, the number of a certain size of the domestic LED stage light company has more than 100 (only production-oriented enterprises, does not contain trade enterprises ), in 2012 the annual output value of the domestic LED stage light nearly 1 billion year on year growth of more than 20 %.

Stage LED lighting includes LED Par Light, LED effect light patterns, LED moving head light, LED strobe and other application areas such as bars, discos, dance halls, TV studio, KTV rooms, and various types of stage and so on.

Because of the superiority of its own LED lighting, stage LED lighting have been gradually recognized by the market, the market demand has also been rapid growth in recent years.

2012, the annual global market LED stage light output value reached 960 million, an increase of 23%. Compared to 2011, although the decline in the growth rate of the market size, but is still among the fast-growing trend. GLII expected, with LED lighting technology continues to mature, stage LED lighting prices continue to decline, the next few years, the global LED lighting market is expected to growth stage at around 20 %.

With the use of traditional tungsten halogen and gas discharge lamp as the light source compared to the stage lights, LED stage lighting has many advantages, it is precisely because of these advantages, and the global LED lighting market was able to stage a sustained, rapid growth.

As we all know, the current penetration rate of LED lighting market as a whole is not high, one of the main reasons is that most LED lighting product price is too high - is the traditional lighting of the times, even ten times, so that many customers prohibitive.

Stage Lights aspects specific to the current average price of a traditional stage lights a few hundred dollars, while the average price of stage LED lighting at about two thousand dollars, differences between the two, which to some extent restricts the development of LED stage lighting market.

However, considering the LED lighting technology continues to evolve and mature, declining prices of LED stage lighting, as well as the continuous development of the domestic entertainment industry brought about a vast space stage LED lighting market, GLII believes that the future of the global LED market has a good stage lights prospects for development.

LED light efficiency rising, under the same luminous efficiency, stage LED lighting will be getting lower and lower energy consumption, energy-saving advantages will become more apparent. CREE February this year, announced that the company has reached the laboratory LED luminous efficiency 276lm / W.

Stage lights cooling technology continues to improve, life stage LED lighting will gradually be extended; constantly improve LED stage light dimming technology, combined with the use of relevant software, stage LED lighting can be achieved and can be applied to a variety of stage lighting needs.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Philips introduces brand new smart colored bulb

Although no longer a Philips LCD TV's core product, but its proud "Ambilight" did not die. Instead, Philips will continue to try this technology for other products, and the introduction of the smart LED light bulb called a "lantern", can provide up to 16 million colors change. The following is a review of the smart Chip Chick colored bulbs.

Philips lights package contains three colored bulbs and a wireless control gateway, in the package where we were found a network cable and an AC adapter - they are used to connect wireless control gateway.

Philips lights installation with no difference between ordinary light bulbs. Installing the Wireless Control Gateway is also very simple, just access via the network cable to the router, power can be. Then, two-dimensional code scanning Philips lights on the package, you can download the iOS or Android version of the application, and find a wireless network control gateway; the entire process takes only a few minutes. ZigBee gateway via wireless control technology to control colored bulbs, each wireless control gateway operable up to 50 colored bulbs, and do not need to put them all in the same room.

Although many features of Philips lights, but do not require complicated setup. App by color selection box on the slide, each colored bulb can select up to 16 million colors, and non-interfering. At the same time, timeline based Philips lights also supports brightness and color programming. Through the program you can make Philips lights when going to sleep dim brightness and automatic sleep within a set time. If you are office workers, by setting allows Philips pre- lit lanterns greet your return.

Brightness, although each colored bulb consumes only 8.5 watts, but the brightness equivalent to 60 watt incandescent (600 lumens). Compared with incandescent lamps, Philips lights can save 80 % of the electricity. In terms of life, Philips lantern reached 15,000 hours of terror. In normal use, an LED light bulb can be used almost 15 years.

Overall, the performance of the Philips lights writer satisfied. I installed two lights in the bedroom lamp, the brightness equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent. When the phone is switched by light colors, Philips lights can be instantaneous response. Moreover, when the indoor network interruption, Philips lights can use it like an ordinary light bulb as normal.

Currently, a Philips lantern sells for $ 199 (including three colored bulbs + a wireless control gateway), the additional price of a package of colored bulbs for $ 60 (each wireless control gateway can control up to 50 colored bulbs).

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Analysis of competitive pressures in battery torch market

According to the reporter found that the current battery torch to do more good companies have surefire, Tiger Head, a long amount and so on. These companies are generally specialized in flashlight; in the field of LED lighting does not have too many other covered.

And like Philips, Osram, NVC and other famous enterprises, although they have their own achievements in the LED lighting industry, but rarely get involved in the field of battery torches.

Reporters visited the Shenzhen major lighting stores and hardware stores found on the market, these big brands producing flashlight though, but not mainstream, but rather "long amount ", "Jager" and other brands dominated the market.

"In fact, those well-known lighting companies also produce battery torch, but relative to other products, they spend a flashlight above energy is very small." Experts told reporters, tech battery torch is not high, large enterprises are generally OEM is taking way.

In flashlight, in order to have a breakthrough in the design is not easy, and the hardness properties of the product if the product can do good enough, you can come out of a flashlight. Experts told reporters, flashlights most important is to solve problems concentrating almost no other technical limitations.

Because the technical threshold battery torch is not high, so many companies are involved in this industry. The big brands itself occupies technology; they did not need to talk to a length of the flashlight business dispute.

According to reports, LED lighting products OEM is widespread, OEM phenomenon in the field of battery torch is more serious, a lot of small and medium enterprises gave large OEM.

Philips is the intensity of these large enterprises to participate in a small, just give Jager, Surefire these companies to develop opportunities. According to statistics Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Ming experts, companies sold more than 100,000 a month flashlight is a very common situation, these brands reach millions a year 's turnover is also not difficult.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why are environmentally friendly outdoor products so popular?

Patagonia outdoor products manufacturing business from climbing pitons started, but in a particular rock climbing experience, he found a beautiful rock had long suffered because of " repeated knock Pitons, pull out, and then typing " process and suffering devastated, so he alerted the company 's main product is a step to destroy his beloved rock. Since then, he decided to abandon the cause of the Pitons and instead produced without the use of a hammer knock, will not leave marks on the wall rock wedge, not off in the future use of the rock climbing community wedge trend, but also the first step in a friendly environment.

Found himself in a familiar sacred natural sites have been vandalism; he led the outdoor product company as a whole -house energy savings from the start, to launch a series of Green Revolution:

Since the 1980s, Patagonia decided not to use plastic bags containing garbage, stop the supply of paper cups in the cafeteria, and a comprehensive shift to energy efficient lighting, an annual savings of several million plastic garbage and a quarter of electricity.

In 1994, Patagonia made the first internal environmental assessment report found that industrial cultivation of cotton greatest harm to the environment, so in 1996 the full use of all cotton clothing 100% organic cotton. Meanwhile, Patagonia was the first use of recycled plastic bottles made of polyester fiber company, each producing 150 jackets for the earth will be able to save 42 gallons of oil, to avoid emissions of 0.5 tons of toxic emissions.

They also unprecedented self- pay "global tax" - to donate 1% of annual turnover to support environmental groups, and called on more than 1,300 companies have joined the ranks, has so far contributed $ 25 million to more than one thousand non-profit organization.

Create a green brand, sounds bad, but an annual levy their own taxes by 1% of Earth, and the annual growth rate is limited to 5 % of the companies exactly how to make money?

Such subvert common sense of course impossible green companies a lot of money, but the magic is, Patagonia on many little maverick, even mouthing the industry 's environmental persistence, but all passed the test of the market, and even bring up a new wave of industry.

For example, in the mid-1990s, the original folder thermal underwear products all through training bags and cardboard wrapped in layers, but in order to avoid creating a pile of discarded immediately after unpacking the garbage, they decided to cancel the package directly to the underwear hanging hanger sell, more lightweight underwear curled up with a rubber band beam is placed on the shelf. There were a lot of people to warn them, Patagonia may be because the packaging is so uncompetitive lost 30% of sales.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Japan developed a deep UV germicidal LED battery light

A research team in Japan on the 10th announced the successful developed a deep ultraviolet germicidal LED battery lights. The new Deep UV LED battery lights use only batteries will be able to work this technology in Japan and the United States have made the basic patent. Compared with traditional low pressure mercury lamp, a small, energy-saving, environmental protection has long life and other advantages of the volume.

In the field of health care and food, often using low-pressure mercury lamp sterilization, but because of the mercury is likely to cause harm to the environment, so researchers have been hoping to find the excellent performance of environmental alternatives. Deep UV is a relatively short wavelength ultraviolet light, to kill bacteria and viruses more efficient.

Wavelength of about 260 nanometers deep UV LED battery light brightness, luminous efficiency and lifetime of the affected substrate crystal. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Tokuyama Chemical composition of the research team developed a high-purity aluminum nitride can be made crystal technology, and then get the current high-performance crystalline substrate to ensure the sterilizing effect of LED battery lights and life.

According to reports, this new type of deep- ultraviolet LED battery lights use only batteries will be able to work and available for portable devices and sterilization medium sterilization. This technology in Japan and the United States has made the basic patent. Tokuyama Chemical Company plans to further improve product performance, for in 2015 to bring products to market.

Monday, December 2, 2013

What are the common causes of fluorescent 18W fluorescent tube?

Fluorescent broken home, there are many causes, probably because there is no regulator, power fluctuations cause, there may be a lamp aging, here we analyze in detail next.

The phenomenon is: one or both ends of the lamp black, blackened large range, or around the 18W fluorescent tube black surface. Lamp does not light in motion, or have short flash, the action does not immediately extinguished discharge. Tube ends are issued without producing deep orange glow discharge effect. The reason enough to prolonged use, and the two electrodes simultaneously around the phosphor coating faded down or end faded off. At this point, you should replace the lamp.

Lamp usage time is not long, far below the nominal time. The reason is not suitable for the power supply voltage, switching frequency caused by too much to start, or because of poor contact pin. Approach is to identify the data ballast on? Minimize the switching frequency, detailed examination of parts and accessories for all contacts.

The bulb-end color, shading occurs in a wide range, black or brown rings ring. The reason for this phenomenon is the condensation of mercury lamps, ballasts and lamps do not match, or a bad starter quality. It should also measure the voltage compliance, the contact portions are good contact.

Tube ends only dark light without light, because the capacitor short circuit inside the starter or stick inseparable contacts or wiring errors. Treatment methods are: put a new starter Look.

Phenomenon is closed when the start switch, flash a long time, this continues, the lamp will soon be damaged. The reason for this 18W fluorescent tube may be fluorescent tube has been in use for a long life will end. If you are a new lamp that happens, then that is the quality of the lamp is not high, or because of outdated and useless starter. If the supply voltage is too low, the ambient temperature is too low or the lamp is difficult to start. Overhaul, if it is a new lamp should put it to another test a better light on what, if still difficult start, the lamp is a problem, as it proved to be a good test tube, then the regulator should be checked starter and ballast, or increase the voltage, or until the room temperature reaches room temperature before starting to use by the regulator.

Noise emitted 18W fluorescent tube ballasts, which was mainly due to problems caused by the installation undesirable, or ballast internal iron vibration, or the lamp and ballast specifications do not match, the ballast itself, fever, there are other reasons ballast partial short circuit.

This method of treatment 18W fluorescent tube is the ballast with a soft rubber cushion pad up so will reduce some noise. Also check the wiring for errors in detail, and then there are the ballast removed, alone with the rated voltage, so that you can determine whether there are problems with the ballast.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Black Thursday": 140 million Americans shopping on Thanksgiving Day

November 28 is the traditional American Thanksgiving holiday is Christmas shopping season officially began. This year is expected to have 140 million Americans will begin to line up Thanksgiving shopping "Black Friday" sale of goods. To rob tourists, major shopping malls promotional activities have been brought forward to the day of Thanksgiving, this year's "Black Friday" turned into "Black Thursday."

Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, after the American tradition of Thanksgiving holiday, opened the first day of Thanksgiving as "Black Friday", the day is generally considered the official start of the Christmas shopping season, a year in each of the most valued business is also one of the busiest days. What are the most popular Thanksgiving gifts?

But this year 's "Black Friday" has apparently evolved into " Black Thursday." To rob tourists this year, major shopping malls promotional activities have been brought forward to Thanksgiving Day. Large toy chain Toys R Us will be at 17 pm on Thanksgiving Day to open the door, Wal-Mart, Best Buy will be open on Thanksgiving 18:00, Macy's, Sears department stores will open on Thanksgiving evening 20:00. The largest U.S. discount retailer Kmart is the "Black Friday" door ahead of time to 6:00 in the morning of Thanksgiving, and intends to 41 consecutive hours, has opened the door to the "Black Friday" evening 23:00.

Merchants could not wait to start Thanksgiving " Black Friday" discount war, consumers do not appreciate, some comments on the social networking site called these businesses "greedy ", " ruthless " and let the store clerk not to spend Thanksgiving with family Day dinner.

Some consumers even online boycott "Black Thursday" activities. Frank in the online message says, "Hey, Kmart, you open the door completely on Thanksgiving respects your employees, my family and I will never spend a penny in your store."

Katie Reynolds online Buchanan wrote: "Macy's, I'm disappointed you open on Thanksgiving, let your employees and their families to spend the day until the end of the world Friday not to open the door."

According to the National Retail Federation survey, the forecast for this year's Thanksgiving holiday, the nation will have 140 million people to the store or shopping online, of which about a quarter of that 33 million people will be shopping on Thanksgiving Day. The "Black Friday" is still the biggest shopping holiday of Thanksgiving Day, there are about 97 million consumers plan to "Black Friday" shopping.

According to the American Automobile Association estimates that during the Thanksgiving holiday on November 27 to December 1, the nation's residents to travel more than 50 miles, about 4340 people, the number of trips than last year fell by 1.5%, 90% choose to travel by car, about 314 million people will travel by plane, there are about 140 million people will choose rail, bus and cruise ships and other transportation travel.