Monday, December 30, 2013

Oslon black light LED meets the security needs of discreet applications

black light LEDIt not only has a wavelength of 940 nm light basically invisible, which is also close to the black package does not reflect any ambient light. Plus it nearly 1W high light output, making this the Osram Opto Semiconductors produced by an black light LED, an ideal light source covert surveillance systems.

Bank, special equipment and border checkpoints are designed to hide the need to install security systems, so as not to arouse people's attention. The commonly used wavelength black light LED looks like a weak spot, which shimmer in the dark environment in particular. The solution is to replace the wavelength of 940 nm, in contrast, noted the possibility of such a naked light 130 times lower, but the camera sensor, but it can easily detect this invisible emitted light. This is a big challenge for the system is used in such applications for infrared illumination.

This OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Oslon Black SFH 4725S, is ideal for such applications system components. This is the basis behind Nanostack efficient technology, OSRAM successful application of this technology allows a single wafer to provide two emission centers, thus almost doubling the light output. SFH 4725S radiation intensity at 90 ° emission angle can reach 450mW / s, and therefore can provide excellent lighting for monitoring areas. Radiant Intensity (mW per sphere calculation) represents the light output within a solid angle range and, therefore, represents the intensity of the light.

SFH 4725S black packaging, it is ensured that components can be completely hidden in the rear of the camera lens. Dr. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors German headquarters of industrial infrared component product marketing director Jörg Heerlein said: "The wave of up to 940 nm of SFH 4725S is our Oslon Black Series in the new force, security applications used; In this regard, the already standard crystal round and 850nm versions Nanostack wafers. "

Oslon is currently one of the visual and infrared lighting products in the field of the most powerful. Size Oslon infrared devices only 3.85 x 3.85 x 2.29 mm, belonging to infrared light emitting diode power 1W (IRED) is the most compact of the column. Dr. Heerlein added: "there were visible light manufacturing applications users can direct their knowledge and processes to migrate to Oslon infrared series." There are a variety of different lenses on the market, designers can take advantage of that IRED beam can be shaped to meet a variety of special needs.

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