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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toshiba LED tube lights support the French Louvre museum lighting retrofit project

Japanese factory Toshiba and the Louvre Museum in France recently signed a cooperation agreement, Toshiba will provide about 4500 units of the light bulb, lighting will also provide support for the cost of the reconstruction project, to support the Louvre museum lighting retrofit project, the agreement period of June 30, 2010 - December 31, 2023.

Louvre museum plans to Napoleon Square, Pyramid (Pyramid), a small pyramid (Pyramidion) and Cali courtyard (CourCarree, square atrium) lighting replacement LED tube light products.

Napoleon Square, lighting and a small pyramid at the end of 2011 to complete the transformation plan, lighting retrofits Cali courtyard will strive to be completed in 2012.

By providing LED tube light to the world famous Louvre Museum, Toshiba can expand brand awareness of lighting, thereby expanding the lighting business. The Louvre Museum is valued Toshiba LED tube light technology to the museum's heritage and beautiful lighting environment and achieves significant energy saving advantages.

It is reported that Toshiba has been from the beginning of April 2009 carried out on a global scale "new lighting business " in Europe, France, Germany and Italy have set up outlets, now France to strengthen sales.

Toshiba A19 museum installed 150 lights for museum periphery, the District of Columbia and Caroline lighting legal construction zone. The museum is expected to install more lighting in Cullinan Hall and Japanese gallery district. Toshiba International Corporation said that compared with traditional lighting fixtures, A19 lamps can reduce energy consumption by 85%.

The new LED lights will replace the existing 70 -watt metal halide lamp, for a 90 feet high mural lighting. This piece of art lighting will be reduced by 40 % of electricity consumption.

Monday, January 6, 2014

What are the prospects for LED tube light in metro lighting?

In the current context of global energy shortage, LED as a new green lighting products, is the future trend of development, with the further maturation of LED technology, not only to achieve better development in the field of indoor lighting design and development, in traffic will also play an active role, and will become a new growth point in the field.

Champoux consulting industry analyst pointed out: Metro lighting has a very high demand, LED is undoubtedly the best choice, it is energy-saving, stable and durability of a traditional lamps unparalleled advantages and characteristics of strong earthquake is very suitable for metro operational environment.

At present, the number is about 48 subways, while 28 metro cities being built, and the existing subway network in the country to use more traditional lighting. Guangzhou, where a total of 14 field stations and other public areas, lighting systems, will be replaced at the beginning of this year, energy-saving LED tube lights, lighting transform the number of about 1.8 million units. Paris public transport organization France also collaborated with Philips on 250,000 LED tube lights rapid rail network in Paris transport system 302 subway stations and 66 suburban stations were LED retrofit, LED lighting market potential can be described as the subway is pretty huge.

Because the light bulb is also part of the subway in the country under the auspices of exploratory projects, commercialization of ideas is not yet clear. In foreign subway LED lighting and other large projects, energy contract management mode assume an important role, but it is difficult to promote in China, in addition to its domestic enough to understand, there is also a lot of obstacles on the mechanism, which gives cooperation process for the commercialization of domestic LED project caused great distress.

When the LED luminous efficiency of the use of the limit, energy-saving LED lighting effects will no longer be the ultimate selling point of interest, the future of LED tube light reflected in the more competitive intelligence needs. National introduced the "subway place lighting LED tube lights technical specifications", details the subway procurement specification LED lighting, LED lighting for the subway opened a standardized way.

Champoux consulting in the " 2013-2016 China LED industry market prospects and Investment Value Analysis Report " pointed out: LED is actually a semiconductor junction can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, the life of up to 100,000 hours of theoretical data. Metro LED lighting for many companies are racing to grab the subway lighting market, LED tube lights bring people the best experience, high quality of life for everyone lit, homeopathy into the new city will be a lighting era.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Major advantages and application of LED tube lights

LED tube light is suitable for most indoor lighting such as: home, hotels, shopping malls, offices, car parks, warehouses, factories, schools, supermarkets, passageways, corridors and advertising cabinet, household appliances and other indoor lighting inside. In these applications obvious advantages than ordinary fluorescent

Advantages of LED tube lights are reflected in the following aspects:

A supermarket lighting: Led semiconductor lighting electric light spectrum which are concentrated in the visible range, almost no infrared and ultraviolet light, it is conducive to the preservation of various foods, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, milk, etc., while Since Led power semiconductor lighting almost no heat, so it can effectively reduce power consumption when the air conditioning and refrigeration.

2 refrigerators, freezers, cold storage lighting:. LED tube light for temperature, humidity, adaptable, especially at low temperatures can have higher performance, no heat, can effectively reduce the power consumption of the cooling time.

3 in the furniture and furniture retailers lighting:. Led semiconductor lighting electric light spectrum very pure, no heat, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation, so the protection, conservation wood furniture, all kinds of materials, no distortion, no deterioration, durable paint, very bright good.

4 lighting mines, tunnels, gas stations and other flammable places:. Led semiconductor lighting electric light no heat, no infrared and ultraviolet light, afraid of shock, sparks no ordinary fluorescent easy to produce at startup, it is a very safe lighting products.

5 School Lighting: Led fluorescent strobe low depth, high color rendering index, it is particularly suitable for use in school lighting, visual health protection of students, has a significant role, especially in growing children and adolescents.

6 factory lighting: Led fluorescent strobe low depth, high color rendering index, it is also very suitable for factory floor lighting, help protect the visual health of workers, no flicker can reduce the chances of injury and reduce the chance of error improve product quality, while taking advantage of the characteristics of directional lighting led light, work and non- work zone illumination design differences, it helps to focus and improve work efficiency.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Market demand for LED tube light expected to increase 80% in 2014

With LED prices, coupled with LED tube light efficiency increased year by year, the acquisition cost of the recovery period was shortened, driving global business and the public sector to the will greatly enhance replacement lamps, LED tube light source to replace the official launch of the global tide, with bulb and lamp pipes and other alternative sources its most popular products. Industry sources estimate, compared with 2013, in 2014 the global LED Bulb quantity demand will grow 86 percent, while the number of LED lamps demand growth rate reached 89%.

LEDinside analyst pointed out that the rapid decline in the price of LED tube light products, joint stimulate market demand, so various manufacturers continue to introduce a variety of LED tube lighting products closer to traditional lighting products prices. With LED bulb, for example, with respect to 2012, the year LED bulb product prices fell significantly faster, and the spread between different brands is gradually narrowing. And positive pricing strategy is expected to line manufacturers of LED tube lighting market will cause considerable role in promoting and driving prices to stimulate demand in 2014 will further fermentation.

In addition to the manufacturer's pricing strategy, the regional market tenders and subsidy policies for enhancing the penetration of LED tube lighting has a great help. For example there are still some areas of North America EnergyStar ongoing subsidy program, and lamps price subsidies are more likely to be accepted by consumers. In addition, national policies have been implemented to disable the incandescent LED tube lighting market also play a greater role in promoting development.

In the passage, since lighting is fairly obvious regional characteristics. Therefore, regulations and consumer countries use different habits, but also indirectly affect the sales channel looks like. After the LED tube lighting began to flourish, more and more manufacturers have begun into the LED tube lighting market to compete with the traditional industry, either directly or dealers compete for large retail stores and scored, making more and more vendors channel management attention.

Thus, in the fast-growing LED lighting bulb market, lighting manufacturers have to integrate the resources and technology through the acquisition path, enhance competitiveness. Furthermore, to enhance the brand image can be expanded lighting manufacturers bargaining space; you can also get rid of the dilemma of continuing price competition.

" Lower product prices, actively seek tenders subsidies, and vigorously access road construction, acquisition channels and technologies to improve competitiveness, promotion of smart lighting, and enhance the brand image, etc., or a major development strategy from 2013 to 2014 lighting manufacturers."

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

LED tube light market continues to grow

Environmentally friendly energy efficient LED tube light output increasing, but is still facing difficulties widespread use. LED manufacturers are actively increasing the output of LED lighting products, which this year has just launched a product --- LED Fluorescent (FL) Tube --- has been output range. According to the latest report of NPD Display Search LED Lighting Marketand Forecast Report, LED lamp 2013 's international market share will reach 6 %, and will rise to 22.3% by 2016. FL lamp output in 2013 will be 23,000 million, the 2016 is expected to increase to 79,100 ten thousand.

NPD Display Search LED analyst Steven Sher said: "LED lighting provides innovative lighting, and effectively reduces energy consumption especially in the areas of power shortage, LED lamp will most likely be popular, and LED lighting equipment will be widely around the world."

In Japan, the U.S. and Europe LED tube light output continued to increase. As the market newborns, LEDFL clearly not the first choice of consumers, but it is still a growing market for the following reasons.

LED tube light is considered a green product because it does not use mercury in the manufacturing process. LED tube lights can save 50 % power factor between 0.9-0.99 while T8FL only 0.7. LED tube lights are suitable for replacement of old lamps or basement office use, since these areas often require 24 hours lights, energy saving is essential.

However, challenges remain, especially the problem of high cost, which has become the most important issue will be the promotion of a vintage lamp LEDFL alternatives facing the process, because, after all, old-fashioned lamp lower prices. However, LED manufacturers are trying to narrow the price difference between the two. One way is to design a product suitable for most LED lighting power supply module. In 2013, some of the power module manufacturers to design a new product to the MR-16, A-Lamp and LED tube light use, making the cost of these products decreased by 10%.

Sher added: "The market has already launched a number of different types of LED tube lights, including different shapes, rated power, length, color and lighting features, but due to the lack of standard specifications, the consumer is difficult to accurately choose the most suitable."