Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Market demand for LED tube light expected to increase 80% in 2014

With LED prices, coupled with LED tube light efficiency increased year by year, the acquisition cost of the recovery period was shortened, driving global business and the public sector to the will greatly enhance replacement lamps, LED tube light source to replace the official launch of the global tide, with bulb and lamp pipes and other alternative sources its most popular products. Industry sources estimate, compared with 2013, in 2014 the global LED Bulb quantity demand will grow 86 percent, while the number of LED lamps demand growth rate reached 89%.

LEDinside analyst pointed out that the rapid decline in the price of LED tube light products, joint stimulate market demand, so various manufacturers continue to introduce a variety of LED tube lighting products closer to traditional lighting products prices. With LED bulb, for example, with respect to 2012, the year LED bulb product prices fell significantly faster, and the spread between different brands is gradually narrowing. And positive pricing strategy is expected to line manufacturers of LED tube lighting market will cause considerable role in promoting and driving prices to stimulate demand in 2014 will further fermentation.

In addition to the manufacturer's pricing strategy, the regional market tenders and subsidy policies for enhancing the penetration of LED tube lighting has a great help. For example there are still some areas of North America EnergyStar ongoing subsidy program, and lamps price subsidies are more likely to be accepted by consumers. In addition, national policies have been implemented to disable the incandescent LED tube lighting market also play a greater role in promoting development.

In the passage, since lighting is fairly obvious regional characteristics. Therefore, regulations and consumer countries use different habits, but also indirectly affect the sales channel looks like. After the LED tube lighting began to flourish, more and more manufacturers have begun into the LED tube lighting market to compete with the traditional industry, either directly or dealers compete for large retail stores and scored, making more and more vendors channel management attention.

Thus, in the fast-growing LED lighting bulb market, lighting manufacturers have to integrate the resources and technology through the acquisition path, enhance competitiveness. Furthermore, to enhance the brand image can be expanded lighting manufacturers bargaining space; you can also get rid of the dilemma of continuing price competition.

" Lower product prices, actively seek tenders subsidies, and vigorously access road construction, acquisition channels and technologies to improve competitiveness, promotion of smart lighting, and enhance the brand image, etc., or a major development strategy from 2013 to 2014 lighting manufacturers."

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