Thursday, December 26, 2013

Probably the safest LED bicycle lights in the world

The bike itself has a high theft rate, but the bike accessories; in fact, the theft rate is also very high.
SG-N1000 High Power Cree Mountain Aluminum Bicycle LED Front Light
The same is true in the United States, said that the family will bike 1/3, have had the experience of being stolen LED bicycle lights; As for fear of theft, so always readily scored among LED bicycle lights.

It is said that there are 80% who therefore forget the LED bicycle lights  go out. Thus, two American industrial designer loves bicycling Brad Geswein and Slava Menn, because their friends in a stolen LED bicycle lights, night cycling accident after the results, it was decided to address this problem, to design yourself a very LED bicycle lights stolen results difficult, which is now seeing this Defender was born. Defender use special screws on the shape of the bike, so there is no way to open stole an ordinary screwdriver; Even the installed batteries are designed to place anti-theft mechanisms, must use a fine needle to pierce a small hole in the iron switch to open to replace the battery. Purchase will be supplied special screwdriver shape, as well as a small iron bar used to open the battery lid. Careless not lost, as long as a letter in the past, they are also willing to send you a replacement tool for you. "

This is probably the world's most serious theft of LED bicycle lights it, although if the whole car was stolen, then probably Mozhe, but if the whole car was stolen, leaving only LED bicycle lights, it should also be quite scary is a. Defender now on pre-sale and popular, has raised the estimated amount needed to plan, so long as paying $ 50, you can get a group to determine the Defender around April. Defender use 6 LED lights, can provide up to 60 lumens of brightness. Need to install three AA batteries, can provide an average of 100 hours of lighting time.

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