Tuesday, December 17, 2013

T5 fluorescent lighting market benefits from public institutions o energy saving

The use of efficient lighting products to replace ordinary incandescent lighting energy saving is to achieve the most direct and feasible way, saving rate of 60-80 %, after the replacement process is complete, the global lighting energy consumption ratio will be reduced to 17 %.

March 10, at the National Authority of the State Council held a public agency energy management company 's 2011 energy-saving modifications liaison meetings of public bodies on "public body energy" second five "special plan", "green lighting project " is defined as important energy project public institutions. Planning requirements "Twelve Five" period, public institutions in the country the green light to work in full swing. It should be widely used in compact fluorescent lamps, straight tube fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium, metal halide lamps, light emitting diodes (LED) and other efficient light sources. Light promotion with reasonable efficiency and durability of highly reflective reflector lamps good and intelligent control device, to achieve efficient light office usage 100%; T5 fluorescent lighting source, such as the utilization rate of more than 10% solids.

And the industry is concerned that the State Land Management Division of saving public agencies He clears that at the meeting, in 2011 the central level public institutions to achieve energy-saving lamps use up to 100 %. Each place should further intensify its efforts towards this year's provincial public agencies can all use energy-saving lamps. The industry generally believe that the move to the production of highly efficient lighting products is an inspiration, although the former has the country 's real estate purchase eight new deal promises to bring them quite cool.

In fact, since April 1, 2008 implementation has revised "Energy Conservation Law." In the "Energy Conservation Law" on the inside of Chapter III of Section V of the public institutions devoted to energy issues. " Public institutions as a leader in energy-saving society as a whole, advocates and organizers, are supposed to create a " two-oriented society to play " in an exemplary role model, the only way to convince and mobilize the whole society to engage in energy conservation, so that during the second five public sector energy efficiency will be the trend. "

This year is the first year of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", is still the focus of energy conservation, local governments have introduced appropriate policy support energy conservation, development of production industries as a benchmark. T5 fluorescent lighting used in the past dominated workplace, now with T5 fluorescent lighting and magnetic ballasts to limit or prohibit the use and cost in LED technology or circumstances to be perfect, T5 T8 energy saving of nearly 40 of its relative %, and has a high color, good light quality, long life, low light decay and other technical advantages, as the preferred current office, business, school, underground works.

And as early as July 1, 2010, traditional incandescent, quartz lamps, etc. are included on the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee " restrictions on the use of building materials directory " and banned in Beijing new public since September 1, 2010 used in residential construction and fine decoration.

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