Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Star optical releases energy efficient inductive LED T8 fluorescent lighting

Following the previously announced Ultra High Brightness LED T8 fluorescent lighting, 24W exclusive technology developed specifications, star right photovoltaic research and development focused on the production of "inductive LED T8 fluorescent lightings."

Inductive LED T8 fluorescent lighting can be used in factory buildings, warehouses, parking lots and other places, the lamp body temperature sensor is to light, when people leave or stationary, self-extinguishing lamp that can save electricity and save electricity. Induction lamps can be customized, either inductive angle sensor time, light time, brightness, size, customized production, to provide a complete energy-saving programs.

Star right optoelectronic also used in medical research and development institutes LED T8 fluorescent lighting, particularly strengthened to prevent electromagnetic interference, successfully broke into the hospital system in Japan, Taiwan's future health care system will be gradually adopted.

T8 lamp brightness compared to the same conventional bulb (incandescent) have a higher luminous efficiency, because the energy consumed in a high proportion is converted to visible light, while less is converted to heat energy is wasted, so the use of the same luminosity fluorescent tubes lower temperature than incandescent. Incandescent generally only about 10% of the input energy is converted into visible light, the same luminosity T8 lamps generally only the former power consumption is about 1 /3 to 1/4, long service life compared conventional bulbs about 10-20 times.

Although slightly higher purchase cost T8 incandescent lamp, but it can save more energy and electricity, also make it a longer life replacement costs relative decline, in terms of commercial replacement bulbs can save labor costs.

Compared with the traditional incandescent bulb, energy conversion efficiency better, less heat, higher color rendering. As has been widely used, it has been generally better understanding of the structure and performance of products, supporting product technology is very mature, so a large area.

Energy-saving lamps more power than T8 lamps, especially fluorescent spiral. T5 electronic energy-saving lamps more than traditional T8 lamps more than 40%, coupled with the T8 fluorescent lighting is halogen mixture of powder and liquid mercury, no recycling value after corruption, serious environmental pollution.

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