Thursday, December 19, 2013

China Construction acquired 270,000,000 acquisition of U.S. Company PLAZA

China Construction conducted a wholly owned subsidiary of CCT USA Ltd. (China Construction America, Inc) signed an agreement with the United States PLAZA construction company, the company will contribute U.S. $ 44.4 million (approximately equivalent to 270 million), the acquisition of 92.5% stake in the U.S. PLAZA construction company.

It is reported that, PLAZA Construction Company founded in 1986, is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, mainly engaged in construction management, general contracting and engineering consulting services business. The company's business is mainly concentrated in New York, Florida, California and medium-sized cities in Washington, DC, is one of America's leading construction management and general contractor. Learn more about the construction industry

Currently, overseas Chinese business structure is tilted to the building of infrastructure and real estate. Since listing, the company has been operating in promoting structural adjustment, make housing construction, infrastructure, real estate accounting for revenue from 8:1:1 to 5:3:2 adjusted, overseas business is no exception.

In overseas infrastructure and real estate business, the company's infrastructure business accounted for 40% of overseas contract amount. Real estate, the company has acquired Grade A office space in London's financial district, New York, New Jersey area first started real estate development business ; in financing overseas, the company has four listed subsidiaries in Hong Kong : China Overseas Land, China Overseas Grand Oceans, China State Construction International and Far East Global. The first two are principally engaged in the real estate business, the latter focuses on the construction sector.

Analysts said the construction company will PLAZA's admission, will help expand the company's market share in developed countries, and enhance professional and international competitiveness.

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