Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why do professionals choose LED bicycle lights for night cycling?

Today we introduce also a riding equipment SafeCycling, this is a simple but rich in wisdom products. Of particular note is that it is a team from Sichuan and last year won the Red Dot Design Award.

The device according to pronounce it well understood - "the road grid." SafeCycling is a safe in the LED lamp on the bike; it will cast a square grid on the ground in front of you. By twisting change the grid, it is easy to find people riding the groove or obstacles on the road - or is stolen manhole cover.

SafeCycling said that this design is the transformation of the traditional LED bicycle lights. Whether it is a traditional LED bicycle lights recessed or protruding hit obstacles will produce shadows that sometimes make it difficult to judge the road conditions. Compared to the grid changes SafeCycling on intuitive lot.

This projection equipment currently supports three modes with different usage scenarios will adjust the grid size.

Normal mode is the mesh size 140x180mm; high-speed mode is 140x260mm; while team model will broaden the grid to 300x200mm.

The same as an ordinary LED bicycle lights, SafeCycling light itself also makes it easier for pedestrians and cars noticed them, can greatly increase the safety factor of the night riding. You can choose to use wheel drive or battery-powered electric generating it; the whole device has only one button for switching and mode switching.

SafeCycling not we hear the first devices to improve cycling safety factor, and we had previously reported Xfire Bike Lane Safety Light (at the rear of the rider form a virtual laser projection two bike lanes). However, there is no mass production SafeCycling.

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