Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to deal with LED downlight bulb heat problems

With the summer season decoration, lighting industry is no exception, currently the most fashionable LED downlight bulbs, but also by the majority of consumers in hot pursuit, but few people know how LED downlight bulbs are conducted heat, below we hear Vauban LED downlight bulb LED Mall for a detailed description of the heat.

This is the most common way of cooling, aluminum fins as part of the housing to increase the cooling area. The use of liquid bulb packaging technology has high thermal conductivity of the transparent liquid filled LED downlight bulb in the lamp body. This is in addition to reflective principle, the only use of LED chip smooth thermal conductivity, thermal technology.

In the home-based lower power LED lamps, lamp often use an internal space, the driver circuit portion or all of the heat into. Such as screw cap can be used with such a large cooling metal surface of the lamp, because the lamp is a metal electrode and the socket -contact power supply line. So part of the heat can be derived there from heat.

Thermally conductive filler material in the injection molding of plastic shell, plastic shell increases thermal conductivity, heat capacity. Lamp shell reinforced with longevity and efficient internal cooling fan, low cost, good effect. But the trouble is that some fans want to change, does not apply to outdoor, this design is more rare.

Use of heat pipe technology allows the heat to be generated by the LED chip lead into the housing fins. In large lighting, such as street lamps is a common design. The purpose is to reduce the heat of the lamp envelope of the operating temperature of the LED chip, the LED chip we used the thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity of metal, thermal expansion coefficient, a large gap between the material can not be welded directly to the LED chip, so high, low thermal stress damage of the LED chip. New ceramic material with high thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity close to aluminum, and the expansion factor can be adjusted to synchronize with the LED chip. This can be thermal, heat integration, reduce heat conduction intermediate links.

Do light shell surface radiation heat treatment, a simple paint is applied radiant heat, radiant heat can be removed from the way light shell surface. Use light shell shape, creating a convection air, which is the lowest -cost way to enhance heat dissipation.

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