Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Smart dimmer controller: use your gesture to control lighting

For most of us, want to turn the house lights, fans and air conditioners and other appliances need to use a different switch / remote control. However, with the development of home automation, we will soon be able to use a gesture to control more than one device, which is also Ube's WiFi Smart dimmer controller want to achieve. Ube Production Company released an updated version of the smart dimmer controller at this SXSW show, able to house other smart devices control.

As the name implies, smart dimmers through the sliding surface of the touch pad to adjust home lighting. Simply slide open / close the lights, use two fingers to adjust multiple lights. Now, Ube longer satisfied merely to adjust the lighting, the upgraded version of the intelligent dimmer controller can control other intelligent devices, such as using a finger to write "W" will open sprinklers, or write "A" to turn on / off the home alarm devices.

Changing the light flux of the light source means to adjust the level of illumination of an electrical device. And the composition of the system capacity is called modulating means. Its basic principle is to change the input source to achieve the purpose of RMS current dimming. Dimmer different purpose is to adjust the light brightness. RMS voltage by reducing or increasing the average power of the light produced to promote the different intensity of light output. Although the variable voltage device can be used for various purposes, but the regulation is intended to control the illumination.

The size of a normal lamp switches for small units of large theater or architectural lighting home lighting, high power units used. Small units dimmer controllers are usually direct control, high power units are using a remote control system. 

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