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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Google to enter the smart appliance market with LED light switches

Google announced after the Internet, Google will now enter the field of household appliances - Google will produce bulbs, thermostats and dishwashers, and integrated wireless technology in these appliances.

British Daily Telegraph reported that Google respects, said the company will release a new "almost everything" in the end of this year, household appliances, wireless technology will make these devices and tablet computers communicate with each other.

Held in San Francisco, Google software developer conference, Google announced the development of the company code for "Tungsten" development plan. Google claims that the program is designed to make home appliances between each other can "discover, connect and communicate."

In the Android operating system "Android @ home" series of demonstration, Google demonstrated a controllable LED light switch Tablet PC, and even a "near field communication " (NFC) chip, just put it on the microphone next to it can drive other devices to play songs.

While entering this competition has been very intense, "home automation" market is a risky move Google, but Google said it now has 40,000 daily Android device is activated.

Google says there have now been implanted in a family environment applications, such as to increase the brightness of the lighting and alarm clock radios turned on the user program. Google currently offers more than 200,000 various types of applications, has been downloaded nearly 45 million times million units in a variety of devices.

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