Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Japan developed a deep UV germicidal LED battery light

A research team in Japan on the 10th announced the successful developed a deep ultraviolet germicidal LED battery lights. The new Deep UV LED battery lights use only batteries will be able to work this technology in Japan and the United States have made the basic patent. Compared with traditional low pressure mercury lamp, a small, energy-saving, environmental protection has long life and other advantages of the volume.

In the field of health care and food, often using low-pressure mercury lamp sterilization, but because of the mercury is likely to cause harm to the environment, so researchers have been hoping to find the excellent performance of environmental alternatives. Deep UV is a relatively short wavelength ultraviolet light, to kill bacteria and viruses more efficient.

Wavelength of about 260 nanometers deep UV LED battery light brightness, luminous efficiency and lifetime of the affected substrate crystal. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Tokuyama Chemical composition of the research team developed a high-purity aluminum nitride can be made crystal technology, and then get the current high-performance crystalline substrate to ensure the sterilizing effect of LED battery lights and life.

According to reports, this new type of deep- ultraviolet LED battery lights use only batteries will be able to work and available for portable devices and sterilization medium sterilization. This technology in Japan and the United States has made the basic patent. Tokuyama Chemical Company plans to further improve product performance, for in 2015 to bring products to market.

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