Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why are environmentally friendly outdoor products so popular?

Patagonia outdoor products manufacturing business from climbing pitons started, but in a particular rock climbing experience, he found a beautiful rock had long suffered because of " repeated knock Pitons, pull out, and then typing " process and suffering devastated, so he alerted the company 's main product is a step to destroy his beloved rock. Since then, he decided to abandon the cause of the Pitons and instead produced without the use of a hammer knock, will not leave marks on the wall rock wedge, not off in the future use of the rock climbing community wedge trend, but also the first step in a friendly environment.

Found himself in a familiar sacred natural sites have been vandalism; he led the outdoor product company as a whole -house energy savings from the start, to launch a series of Green Revolution:

Since the 1980s, Patagonia decided not to use plastic bags containing garbage, stop the supply of paper cups in the cafeteria, and a comprehensive shift to energy efficient lighting, an annual savings of several million plastic garbage and a quarter of electricity.

In 1994, Patagonia made the first internal environmental assessment report found that industrial cultivation of cotton greatest harm to the environment, so in 1996 the full use of all cotton clothing 100% organic cotton. Meanwhile, Patagonia was the first use of recycled plastic bottles made of polyester fiber company, each producing 150 jackets for the earth will be able to save 42 gallons of oil, to avoid emissions of 0.5 tons of toxic emissions.

They also unprecedented self- pay "global tax" - to donate 1% of annual turnover to support environmental groups, and called on more than 1,300 companies have joined the ranks, has so far contributed $ 25 million to more than one thousand non-profit organization.

Create a green brand, sounds bad, but an annual levy their own taxes by 1% of Earth, and the annual growth rate is limited to 5 % of the companies exactly how to make money?

Such subvert common sense of course impossible green companies a lot of money, but the magic is, Patagonia on many little maverick, even mouthing the industry 's environmental persistence, but all passed the test of the market, and even bring up a new wave of industry.

For example, in the mid-1990s, the original folder thermal underwear products all through training bags and cardboard wrapped in layers, but in order to avoid creating a pile of discarded immediately after unpacking the garbage, they decided to cancel the package directly to the underwear hanging hanger sell, more lightweight underwear curled up with a rubber band beam is placed on the shelf. There were a lot of people to warn them, Patagonia may be because the packaging is so uncompetitive lost 30% of sales.

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