Thursday, December 5, 2013

Analysis of competitive pressures in battery torch market

According to the reporter found that the current battery torch to do more good companies have surefire, Tiger Head, a long amount and so on. These companies are generally specialized in flashlight; in the field of LED lighting does not have too many other covered.

And like Philips, Osram, NVC and other famous enterprises, although they have their own achievements in the LED lighting industry, but rarely get involved in the field of battery torches.

Reporters visited the Shenzhen major lighting stores and hardware stores found on the market, these big brands producing flashlight though, but not mainstream, but rather "long amount ", "Jager" and other brands dominated the market.

"In fact, those well-known lighting companies also produce battery torch, but relative to other products, they spend a flashlight above energy is very small." Experts told reporters, tech battery torch is not high, large enterprises are generally OEM is taking way.

In flashlight, in order to have a breakthrough in the design is not easy, and the hardness properties of the product if the product can do good enough, you can come out of a flashlight. Experts told reporters, flashlights most important is to solve problems concentrating almost no other technical limitations.

Because the technical threshold battery torch is not high, so many companies are involved in this industry. The big brands itself occupies technology; they did not need to talk to a length of the flashlight business dispute.

According to reports, LED lighting products OEM is widespread, OEM phenomenon in the field of battery torch is more serious, a lot of small and medium enterprises gave large OEM.

Philips is the intensity of these large enterprises to participate in a small, just give Jager, Surefire these companies to develop opportunities. According to statistics Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Ming experts, companies sold more than 100,000 a month flashlight is a very common situation, these brands reach millions a year 's turnover is also not difficult.

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