Sunday, December 8, 2013

Philips introduces brand new smart colored bulb

Although no longer a Philips LCD TV's core product, but its proud "Ambilight" did not die. Instead, Philips will continue to try this technology for other products, and the introduction of the smart LED light bulb called a "lantern", can provide up to 16 million colors change. The following is a review of the smart Chip Chick colored bulbs.

Philips lights package contains three colored bulbs and a wireless control gateway, in the package where we were found a network cable and an AC adapter - they are used to connect wireless control gateway.

Philips lights installation with no difference between ordinary light bulbs. Installing the Wireless Control Gateway is also very simple, just access via the network cable to the router, power can be. Then, two-dimensional code scanning Philips lights on the package, you can download the iOS or Android version of the application, and find a wireless network control gateway; the entire process takes only a few minutes. ZigBee gateway via wireless control technology to control colored bulbs, each wireless control gateway operable up to 50 colored bulbs, and do not need to put them all in the same room.

Although many features of Philips lights, but do not require complicated setup. App by color selection box on the slide, each colored bulb can select up to 16 million colors, and non-interfering. At the same time, timeline based Philips lights also supports brightness and color programming. Through the program you can make Philips lights when going to sleep dim brightness and automatic sleep within a set time. If you are office workers, by setting allows Philips pre- lit lanterns greet your return.

Brightness, although each colored bulb consumes only 8.5 watts, but the brightness equivalent to 60 watt incandescent (600 lumens). Compared with incandescent lamps, Philips lights can save 80 % of the electricity. In terms of life, Philips lantern reached 15,000 hours of terror. In normal use, an LED light bulb can be used almost 15 years.

Overall, the performance of the Philips lights writer satisfied. I installed two lights in the bedroom lamp, the brightness equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent. When the phone is switched by light colors, Philips lights can be instantaneous response. Moreover, when the indoor network interruption, Philips lights can use it like an ordinary light bulb as normal.

Currently, a Philips lantern sells for $ 199 (including three colored bulbs + a wireless control gateway), the additional price of a package of colored bulbs for $ 60 (each wireless control gateway can control up to 50 colored bulbs).

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