Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Black Thursday": 140 million Americans shopping on Thanksgiving Day

November 28 is the traditional American Thanksgiving holiday is Christmas shopping season officially began. This year is expected to have 140 million Americans will begin to line up Thanksgiving shopping "Black Friday" sale of goods. To rob tourists, major shopping malls promotional activities have been brought forward to the day of Thanksgiving, this year's "Black Friday" turned into "Black Thursday."

Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, after the American tradition of Thanksgiving holiday, opened the first day of Thanksgiving as "Black Friday", the day is generally considered the official start of the Christmas shopping season, a year in each of the most valued business is also one of the busiest days. What are the most popular Thanksgiving gifts?

But this year 's "Black Friday" has apparently evolved into " Black Thursday." To rob tourists this year, major shopping malls promotional activities have been brought forward to Thanksgiving Day. Large toy chain Toys R Us will be at 17 pm on Thanksgiving Day to open the door, Wal-Mart, Best Buy will be open on Thanksgiving 18:00, Macy's, Sears department stores will open on Thanksgiving evening 20:00. The largest U.S. discount retailer Kmart is the "Black Friday" door ahead of time to 6:00 in the morning of Thanksgiving, and intends to 41 consecutive hours, has opened the door to the "Black Friday" evening 23:00.

Merchants could not wait to start Thanksgiving " Black Friday" discount war, consumers do not appreciate, some comments on the social networking site called these businesses "greedy ", " ruthless " and let the store clerk not to spend Thanksgiving with family Day dinner.

Some consumers even online boycott "Black Thursday" activities. Frank in the online message says, "Hey, Kmart, you open the door completely on Thanksgiving respects your employees, my family and I will never spend a penny in your store."

Katie Reynolds online Buchanan wrote: "Macy's, I'm disappointed you open on Thanksgiving, let your employees and their families to spend the day until the end of the world Friday not to open the door."

According to the National Retail Federation survey, the forecast for this year's Thanksgiving holiday, the nation will have 140 million people to the store or shopping online, of which about a quarter of that 33 million people will be shopping on Thanksgiving Day. The "Black Friday" is still the biggest shopping holiday of Thanksgiving Day, there are about 97 million consumers plan to "Black Friday" shopping.

According to the American Automobile Association estimates that during the Thanksgiving holiday on November 27 to December 1, the nation's residents to travel more than 50 miles, about 4340 people, the number of trips than last year fell by 1.5%, 90% choose to travel by car, about 314 million people will travel by plane, there are about 140 million people will choose rail, bus and cruise ships and other transportation travel.

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