Thursday, November 28, 2013

Park lamp is an integral part in landscape design

Landscape design is an integral, but it is now not only plays the role of lighting, but also an important component of the landscape. Park lamp is most suitable colors white and blue. Other colors, such as red, orange or green, will make gardens and other green plant in the landscape becomes grotesque ugly. The footlights, rotating lights and colorful combinations of light effects worse, according to the rotation of the light ring on the surface of the pond, are dizzying. Therefore, the lighting design is still to be simple and practical.

From a practical point of view, when you walk through the garden after dark, but also to be able to see the road. So beside the porch, street, steps and seats are required for proper lighting. The brightness of the lights is a problem to be solved, the effect of low- intensity lighting is usually much better, but also to create a soft atmosphere. Good lighting is installed according to the actual results, usually according to the steps along the road sides and under the park lamp from low at the top than from scratch photographed lighting effects. Here, the key issue is the quality and position of lamps, rather than lighting design.

Lighting designer should be designed as a landscape art forms, drawing inspiration from the stage lighting techniques have dramatic effects in. To make your garden in the evening to be fully demonstrated, it is necessary to fully understand the best results of these techniques. Spotlight is the oldest and most direct stage lighting, which is usually a beam of light to illuminate an object from a height. In the garden, the spotlight can be used to highlight a statue or a plant. Its effect is to make a scene stand out in a dark background. Scattered light beam flood park lamp, lighting broader, softer lighting and more. Floodlight can be used in a scene, lighting or for a particular plant. Back lighting, as the name implies, is mounted on the back of the lamp body, highlighting its outline shape. It's critical that the light source is hidden, so back spot park lamp can create a truly theatrical effect.

Landscape art modern landscape lights are an indispensable part. It not only has a high ornamental itself, but also stressed that harmonization lamp landscape and scenic arts history and culture, the surrounding environment.

For example, red light lantern shape Landscape bring a festive atmosphere to the square, green palm lights stand out in the school of tropical pool. Landscape applies Plaza, residential areas, public green landscape places. Be careful not to use too diverse, so overwhelming, so cluttered landscape flashy.

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