Wednesday, November 27, 2013

6 steps: how to identify quality flexible RGB LED strips

Flexible RGB LED strips into production because of the low threshold, and therefore launched this project to many people. But experienced people still have a way to identify, formal manufacturers to produce flexible RGB LED strips and LED lights with cottage version (meaning depends on manual work products produced in the rental ) is seeing from the appearance of a out. Here's to our Rainbow Electronics Co., Ltd., light products, for example, talk about how good or bad with the eye to recognize quality LED lights with it.

LED lights with flexible RGB LED strips with the regular production is manufactured using SMT chip technology with solder paste and reflow processes of production. Thus, LED spot lights to bring the relatively smooth but not more than the amount of solder, solder joints to a circular arc extending from the LED electrode pads of the FPC. The amount of solder joints cottage version of LED lights with uneven, mostly a dot wrap welding foot, while there will be varying degrees of tin tip appears, which is a typical phenomenon of manual welding.

Auto, Bridge Anti Oxidation 60 / 120 Leds /m Waterproof Flexible LED Strips Ribbon LightFPC of two copper and rolled copper, copper clad copper foils is projecting, and then looks at the FPC connector from the pad and look out. The FPC rolled copper is close and even as one can be bent and will not appear pad off phenomenon. Bonded Copper pad will appear if bent too much off, when the temperature is too high will result in the maintenance pad off.

If using SMT technology, the LED lights, and its surface cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains. However, if the use of hand- welding process to produce copycat version of flexible RGB LED strips, regardless of the surface cleaning, there will be residual traces of stains and cleaning, while there remains in flux and tin slag FPC surface.

Regular LED lights will use anti-static packaging trays volume, usually 5 m or 10 m roll, and then using anti-static moisture-proof outer bag sealed. The cottage version of the LED lights because of the cost savings, and the use of recycled roll tray, then there is no anti-static moisture-proof bags, look carefully roll trays can see when you look there are traces of clear labels and scratches.

Flexible RGB LED strips with regular bags and roll tray above will have a printed label, instead of printing labels. The cottage version of the label is printed, and specifications and parameters are not unified.

Regular LED lights will be accompanied by instructions for use inside the box and lights with specifications, while also equipped with LED lights with connectors or deck; cottage version of the LED lights inside the box without these attachments, because some manufacturers, after all, can be saved.

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  1. You are involved in the field of RGB led much earlier,now the digital rgb or rgbw are also becoming more popular: I am not sure you are still interested in them.