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Monday, December 23, 2013

Slow recovery of the global economy pattern conversion

The overall global economic situation in 2013 was slightly better than in 2012, but economic growth in developed and developing countries, reversing the trend line, making the overall performance of the economy is still showing the basic trend of slow recovery, downside risks to the global economy has not completely eliminated, new round growth trend has not yet emerged.

Since the beginning of economic growth in both developed and emerging economies facing away from the line - from the recession in developed economies began to accelerate the pace of recovery has accelerated, at the same time, economic growth in developing countries has decreased significantly, two-phase offset global economic growth is not ideal, leading to slow growth of international trade, global commodity prices stable and little decrease. Check out the latest economy info

Developed countries, the U.S. economic recovery are strongest. U.S. third quarter GDP growth reached 2.8%, more than expected; the latest unemployment rate dropped to 7%, the inflation rate was controlled at about 1%. Statistics released from, the U.S. debt crisis and the government of up to half a month's closing event none of the real impact to the U.S. economy.

Currently, the situation in Europe is the weakest in the developed world; the European economy is expected to achieve only modest growth this year. Second quarter of 2013, the end of the European economy "double dip", began to enter recovery phase of growth. The core of Germany, France and other major economy performed better, Spain, Italy economic decline is shrinking.

Japan's growth is not stable in the past export-led growth model into a new model of domestic demand -led growth. In the first half, driven by economics Abe, the Japanese economy is returning to the "high growth." The first two quarters annualized GDP growth of 4.1 % and 3.8 %, respectively, but the third quarter economic growth rate of 1.9 percent, exports to emerging markets decline pulled down the economic growth.

In Britain and other developed countries, the U.S. and Japan to adjust the policy effects began to appear in some cases, negatively affected by the spillover effects of economic policy in developed countries, coupled with the vulnerability of their economies, emerging economies are facing a slowdown in economic growth, high inflation challenge. Lack of confidence in domestic consumption is not busy, and the decline in import demand in developed countries and other parts of lower export prices are affecting economic growth.

Following the 2012 minority economies such as Brazil and India, a "hard landing" this year after growth in emerging economies continued to fall. In the second quarter, economic growth in India slipped further to 4.4 percent, the lowest since 2009. Russia's third-quarter economic growth of close to zero, the annual growth rate will be lower than the 1.8% expected. Better performance in previous years, Indonesia's second -quarter economic growth rate of 5.8 percent, down four consecutive quarters.