Monday, October 7, 2013

The best way to photograph the beautiful LED Christmas lamps having iPhone5?

While Christmas is a Western holiday, but in China, whether it is a big city or small cities have caught up with the fashion, the streets are decorated every Christmas, put up beautiful Christmas tree and LED Christmas lamps. These naturally become a photographed object or background.

Today Christmas has passed; these furnishings are quickly close up, like taking pictures of friends are stepping up the last time to stay in these beautiful scenes shot. iPhone is a good camera tool, not only because of easy to carry, met a beautiful Christmas decorations can quickly come up to take pictures, and the iPhone built-in camera in low light conditions can also discharge beautiful photos. So bring shooting outdoor lighting is a very good choice.

Shooting outdoor lighting is the best time dusk, is called lanterns, this time against the background of Christmas lights extraordinarily beautiful. If your hands, is the iPhone 5, you are sure to try the camera panorama mode program, but when shooting using the panorama mode is best to use both hands to stabilize.

If you use iPhone shooting indoor lighting, it is much simpler. Indoor lighting is warm itself, with the iPhone you can easily make beautiful pictures. If you want the picture becomes less rigid, it can avoid the beat "group photo" type of way, meaning not simply the best way to close all the lights inside the lens, but the choice of many Christmas decorations as one of the highlights object, the other as a background. Or other items placed in front of the Christmas decorations and just the whole LED Christmas lamp as a background.

In any case, minimize the use of the iPhone's flash, flash photography under the LED Christmas lamps will suddenly eclipsed, no matter what software are difficult post- repair.

Mainly jewelry and almost every one tree will be decorated with glittering lights. In the past, Christmas in the United States is very simple, but now that Christmas has become a mix of various religious rituals and festive gatherings day. During the festival, people visiting friends and relatives, to send each other gifts, gatherings to celebrate, decorate Christmas decoration, and engaged in charitable activities, and of course ask Santa Claus to send blessings to the children, gifts.

For many Americans, Christmas is a permanent symbol of the National Mall in Washington on the National Christmas Tree. In a nighttime ceremony, usually by the President or the First Lady Christmas tree lit tree. For many Christians, Christmas candles may be the best gift.

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