Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Motorcycle rental business flourishes in the U.S.

U.S. car rental companies not only rent a car, rent a motorcycle began. The rental vehicles, high grade, entirely of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and certainly not low rent, a car every day to 120-160 U.S. dollars.

Hugo net from the U.S. "Time Magazine" October 16 reported learned that the U.S. car rental company Rent-A-Car recently announced the implementation of a "pilot program" Starting Tuesday will ask the customer for rent "Harley Davidson" motorcycle. This marks the first foray into the U.S. car rental industry motorcycle rental market. Here are more news on motorcycle.

Rent-A-Car Company will be the center of the Las Vegas market, introduced five Harley-Davidson motorcycles for lease before the end of next month, the other two motorcycles will also be put into the leasing business. Steve Short, vice president of the company that we chose Las Vegas as a business focus, mainly because of the Las Vegas tourism industry developed, a lot of tourists. Many visitors like to go around the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and other famous scenic spots to play, so the motorcycle rental business where it will be welcomed.

However, although it is two motorcycles, but the lease expensive, one day rent is about 120-160 U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, leasing and driving a motorcycle driver's license must have motorcycles, helmets, etc. It is mandatory provisions of Nevada law.

Hugo network learned throughout the United States have the car rental industry, rental cars are called " shared consumption" mode, long trips when several people can " carpool " travel, both for the convenience hirers, but also beneficial to operators, but also save costs, favorable environment, the benefits are many, and so forth.

U.S. car rental companies are almost always run by private, rental vehicles, mostly high-grade cars, but also a small amount of medium-sized SUVs and passenger cars, such as several models. Persons traveling abroad mainly rented car. Which, SUVs and medium-sized passenger cars primarily for the long-distance travel rent, while generally only hire car, do not take the driver, but by hiring people to drive their own? Drive out by the company on a full petrol, used car with petrol when returning.

U.S. car rental industry has a strong vitality. Created 11 years ago with rental car dealers, to provide car rental services by time, even 15 minutes can also hire a result won very good results. The enterprises in the local market, the issue price of shares has exceeded 60%.

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