Monday, October 21, 2013

The USA launched the world's first aluminum light meeting the biological laws

On October 15, the U.S. supplier of innovative energy efficient lighting Science launched Definity Digital series aluminum light bulbs is the worlds first lighting products meet the biological laws that can improve sleep, support natural melatonin secretion, improve alertness and promote the growth of plants, the protection of wild animals.

Definity Digital products include Good Night, Awake & Alert, MyNature Grow and MyNature Coastal.

The aluminum light is Lighting Science International Space Station and the U.S. Antarctic research station, and into the traditional light bulb socket, providing white light to meet consumer expectations, healthy. Definity Digital originally developed Good Night, Awake & Alert lights to help astronauts manage their circadian rhythms, to do its utmost to avoid the lack of sleep in space.

Lighting Science 's founder and chief technology officer, said Fred Maxik representation, Definity Digital can not replace the light source, which is a new aluminum light used. Definity Digital Series products offer far more than consumers and customers expect from LED lighting to obtain, for example, efficient and environmentally friendly. Can radically improve the way of life by providing physical, emotional and environmental support to maximize efficiency and make your body more naturally.

"Seeing this light on the astronauts generated significant effect, solve problems 50-700000 Americans sleep problems is a priority for us," Lighting Science Research Director Rob Soler said. "Traditional light bulbs and other aluminum light bulbs emit suppress melatonin blue light, so when you're ready to go to bed, your body is sleepy for. Good Night Lamp is a natural process of the bodys sleep support solutions that do not would like some supplements or prescription drugs produce the same side effects such as drowsiness or dependence disorders. "

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