Sunday, October 20, 2013

Things you don’t know about network security

Once Interpol conference in Las Vegas, there is a network security expert told the public informed of the enterprise IT leaders must be noted that affect the company's network security seven little secret, that we provide for security products and services Manufacturers try to want to tell you something, it is best to keep the degree of suspicion legislation.

Indeed, now the rapid development of network technology, along with network security issues are also increasing, the experts followed the 1960s Ralph Nader for automotive safety publication of the book "Unsafe at Any Speed “in the words to show their view, he said Unsafe at Any Speed, security industry seven secrets. Read the latest network security news.

The so-called network security certification is a safety certification standards, this network safety certification standards will often confirm the corresponding products can block all one hundred percent of the malicious code can be copied. However, being captured 75 percent of malicious code cannot be copied, such as Trojans. "Certification means that a product can only capture 100% of 25% of the malicious code.

We usually say the security world is the need for tight security vendors who set up defense systems and platforms, but carefully friends will find that most of the data loss generally do not go through the firewall, but more than half of the data is generated by laptops or some other terminal devices where missing, so the network is secure, the user's data is actually guaranteed by the enterprises themselves should be carried out to enhance network security, and even strengthen enterprise management processes in the morning, just to protect their network boundaries the same system for security policy, the only way the user's data could truly be effectively protected.

As a security vendor, they certainly want to develop their own products can block as many foreign security threats and block as much as possible the number of hackers, viruses, like NAC can be used to solve some very real problems, but for the enterprise these practices do not give it a major business enterprise which brings effective impact, and that in fact, also do not have to consider the security aspects of the.

Codman said: "The risk assessment should be able to determine improve business processes or curing configuration is required, you need to understand the environment and big priority. Indeed, the security vendors pushing how to protect and repair software vulnerabilities, but Codman say these issues have been successfully exploited only a part. Codman said: "Even if the software is perfect, there will be rampant virus, Trojan horse, they are actually not entirely dependent on software problems."

In fact, the development of network security is necessary safety regulations, such as HIPAA or industry standards such as PCI is not to make your network more secure. The problem is that policies and regulations made regulatory requirements and the network management that the business needs to be done for most of the gap between, affecting the budget and resource inputs. Comply with this standard, also means that may lead to the same defenses against such attacks may be implemented.

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