Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alice Munro’s new book is coming soon

The 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature winner Alice Munro is a Canadian writer. Affected by this, her new book "Dear Life receives highly reader expectations.

Alice Munro latest work, "dear life” has been the continuation of her style is still talking about the lives of ordinary people. Book through brief moment speaking person's life, missed opportunities, a twist of fate, people deviate from the original track, changing one's thoughts. A wealthy young girls and married father's estate lawyers handle fell in love, fallen into kidnappings; a young soldier leaves the battlefield, go home to his fiancé, but on the road met another woman, and she fell in love. Here is the latest book news.

Story still occurs in small town in Canada – Munros home near Lake Huron. Munro said: "The books depiction of those, I feel a large part autobiographical. Book characters vivid, lively, and writing are impressive.

Munro in her most well-known works of the mainland readers "escapes in the language with a focus on pearls countless women who do not pay attention to the details of life and emotions, so that the book she won the 2009 Man Booker International Prize. "Escape is Alice Munro 2004 work, the book consists of eight short stories, of which the three interrelated.

"Memorable stories, language precise and unique, simple and elegant, reading memorable. This is her work to the readers feelings.

Alice Munro, a famous Canadian writer. Born in 1931 in the town of Ontario, temperature Burlingame, girlhood began to write novels. She always linger in the eyes of ordinary women's lives, from their own mother and who find inspiration, accurately record them from a girl to man's wife and a mother, once again over the course of the middle-aged and elderly, especially good close ups and hidden secrets female psychology, and the resulting physical and psychological burden - nuanced, and intricate, seemingly fragile, yet tenacious perseverance.

It can be said Munros status in English fiction has been established in the English short story creative side can be regarded as "Nance, American writer Cynthia Cynthis Ozick language call her "our Chekhov.". British writer AS Byatt also praised her as "the greatest living short story writer."

In 40 years of literary career, Munro has always been dedicated to writing short stories, temper skills, and as the award-winning, including the Governor General of Canada Award three times, twice Giller Prize and the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, O. Henry Prize, pEN / Mara Mulder Award and the U.S. National Book Award and other people. In recent years, the annual autumn Nobel Prize quiz contest, her name will be on the candidate list.

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