Monday, October 14, 2013

OSRAM launches small size new power LED module with high efficiency

Osram (OSRAM) recently released a Soleriq new series, with a diameter of 13.5 mm to provide 1500 lumens of LED lighting to replace 100W metal halide power only 15W.

OSRAM power LED modules for the newly released SoleriqS13, product design more compact, light-emitting region has a diameter of 13.5mm, the overall dimensions of 18mm × 18mm. New product has three main advantages: The entire module life more than 50,000 hours can save about 85%, can cover all the color temperature.

Osram Landes Nations Headquarters responsible SoleriqLED product marketing manager Andreas Vogler indicates: "SoleriqS13 suitable for dining and home lighting, it is not only high brightness, and can cover all the color temperature. Moreover, all color temperature CRI of more than 80. S13 greatly expanded SoleriqLED product family application portfolio. "

New products are rated power 15W, 1500 lm can provide illumination, which means it can replace a 100W metal halide lamps, 85% of energy saving. SoleriqS13 excellent brightness can greatly simplify lighting design, you only need to install a component in the fixture, and you can reach a number of elements before the overall brightness. Each chip are arranged close to each other, all located below the conversion layer, a light emitting surface is very uniform, thus ensuring color consistency and light appearance.

For better homogeneity, the chip conversion layer arranged below the circular, which greatly simplifies the LED to the outside of the light guide coupled to the optical element. Lower loss of light emitted, so that more efficient power LED module and lamps. Built SoleriqS13 downlights also obviously have a high energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance costs typical LED edge.

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