Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Roundup: Russian Government is committed to continue to provide free medical services

Russian Health Minister recently said that Russia will not be paid to free medical care, the Russian Constitution guarantees every citizen can enjoy free medical services in public hospitals.

While attending media forum activities that this provision does not change now, the future will not change. After the birth of every Russian citizen can enjoy all the safeguards contained in the national health care services under the scheme. Here is more health care and medical services information.

Russia has been the introduction of free medical care, but will often appear into paying medical rumors. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reiterated on various occasions in recent years have not canceled the rights of citizens to enjoy free medical care. Ands latest statement may be proposed by the Minister of Labour for the previous response.

Russian Minister of Labor and Social Security in September this year Tuopi Lin has publicly raised the idea - to cancel the Russian unemployed enjoy the right to free medical care, he thinks it will help to combat so-called shadow work." Minister of Labour explained that some of the " unemployed " have a job, "black income ", but do not pay taxes, do not pay social security and therefore should not allow them to pay taxes and the normal citizens equally enjoy free medical services.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian Constitution, the State remains free medical services provided to citizens, but funding from the budget to health insurance funds.

For the work of the Russian people, labor and employment funds by the party required to pay medical insurance premiums and national budget allocations shared responsibility, including labor and employment insurance premiums paid party is dominant. For people without a job, such as the elderly, children, the disabled and other groups, separate from the State budget commitment.

The health insurance system to ensure that all Russian citizens can get free medical care, free health care projects by law, including outpatient, emergency, hospital expenses. In public hospitals, the patient only has to provide their own medical insurance card; you can enjoy free medical services.

However, the form of free treatment in real life is not always gratuitous. In Russia, many cases, patients need to give red envelopes stuffed doctors to ensure faster fancy disease, or when used in the treatment of better drugs.

Also in Russia, although the doctor offers treatment at no cost, but patients need to spend their own money to buy drugs. People to the clinic to see the doctor, holding a doctor's prescription, you can go to any pharmacy to buy drugs. Drug prices moderate, the implementation of national essential drugs for many price limits.

Russias current health care system is indeed for most ordinary people brought benefits, but there are a lot of shortcomings, such as many public hospitals understaffed, service quality is not high, a doctor needs to line up, insufficient or aging medical equipment, medicines shortages.

Russia free medical care involves only basic, simple medical services; many complex medical services require payment. In Russia, illness, medical treatment is still quite difficult to seriously ill patients; the state can not afford the full cost of medical care in this population.

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