Thursday, October 10, 2013

6 signs that you need a healthier lifestyle

Body load is too large, even when there is no obvious exhaustion and psychological phenomena such as the collapse of our body and brain will send a variety of signals, suggesting that really had enough." Recently, the United States, Oprah Life Network contains text; you summed up the body beyond the limits of six signals." Here is more information about health news and events.

1. Nap while also dreaming. Nap can give the body to "recharge." However, Virginia Massa Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Research Center Director Christopher Dr Venter said that a nap for a maximum of 30 minutes or so, usually only in a light sleep state. But if you take a nap when an eyes closed, they begin to do all sorts of strange dream, suggests that the brain a serious lack of sleep, can not wait to enter the deep sleep phase.

2. Memory deteriorated. Columbia University, anxiety and related disorders clinic director Anne Marie Albano said that some healthy people a bad memory. In fact, these people are "brain overload", hormonal changes disrupt the memory function, people can not remember more content, easy to forget recent.

3. Even worse after exercise. American professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, said Dr Sarah Gulbarga, under normal circumstances, jogging 45 minutes will make people feel very relaxed, but if you're just starting to feel tired movement, it shows the body has been overloaded. Gulbarga doctoral research found that women who were moderate stress intensity exercise, the body will be insufficient supply of energy, feeling tired, and fatigue.

4. Coffee will be trapped. American clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Bristol, drinking coffee descendants of brain activity will change. If caffeine did not work, it means that extreme physical and mental fatigue has been offset by caffeine stimulant.

5. Eat mild foods can also aggravate heartburn. Psychosomatic Medicine Research" published a study that confirmed that stress does not cause heartburn. Even without eating spicy foods, pantothenic acid, or more severe symptoms persist, it shows too much pressure.

6. Scalp becomes sensitive. Pennsylvania clinical psychologist Dr. Richard Fred pressure usually causes skin neuropeptides and other natural chemicals increased, causing inflammation. This inflammation will be the outbreak of acne or rosacea and other forms, and some will lead to vasoconstriction, so that the skin of the face and head too tight, tingling or sensitive.

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