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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Experts believe EL lighting technology has promising prospect

EL (Electro luminescence) emitting products feature electronic carom excited luminescent material, resulting in electron energy levels Warp, changing, complex physical phenomena caused to emit light, and its products are also known as " EL ", this light source completely any heat to the atmosphere, commonly known as " cold light." EL technology useful products of the eight characteristics compared to traditional light sources.

EL features more than 80% energy savings. Wiring EL lighting consumption is very low, most of the products can be used DC, watt power consumption, energy-saving effect is very obvious.

Reduce heat emissions to the atmosphere of 100%. EL lighting source, no heat, electroluminescent film is a cold light source, the basic physical principles of operation without heating, the working temperature is lower than fluorescent completely emission reductions.

It is harmless and safe and comfortable to use. Absolutely do not produce ultraviolet light, harmful to humans, not its flashing light even and soft light, the eye will not generate tension and fatigue. EL is a half- life of the product (half brightness) to measure, which normally can be controlled according to the different product positioning and reach 3000-25000 hours. Thin bendable. Thinnest of up to 0.18mm, in a variety of shapes and bend light to adapt to the case of the performance requirements, loading and unloading easy to carry random.

It can be any production, cut into various shapes. EL lighting can produce a variety of shapes according to user needs text or patterns. Electroluminescent film different from other light-emitting device, its not easy to face external shocks and broken or lapsed during natural disasters or unpredictable continue to work under harsh environment. Products can be recycled construction materials 100% recycled into the second, and the cycle can be completed in the factory itself, disability products to minimize environmental pollution limits.

Cold light source is almost no infrared spectrum light source, such as the now popular LED light source is a typical cold light. The traditional incandescent and halogen light source is a typical heat source. Cold light emitting principle is in the electric field, resulting in electron impact excitation fluorescent material generates light phenomenon. Has a very excellent optical, variable flash features.

Cold light characterized by the additional energy is almost completely converted to visible light, the other wavelengths of light is small, and on the type of heat source, in addition to visible light but also have a lot of infrared light, a considerable part of the energy into light does not contribute to the infrared light up. Thermal infrared light filters out after adding light and cold light should light emitted almost, as it has been filtered out infrared light.