Friday, January 10, 2014

Henderson becomes the pioneer of ECO friendly lighting applications technology

LED energy saving technology has become the development direction of the 21st century lighting technology innovation and product applications. To " information display and semiconductor lighting experts" for the development goals of the Henderson Technology Corporation unremitting efforts to forge ahead, lighting from road lighting, tunnel lighting and other areas of the city, to build a success story after another.

However, Henderson was not satisfied with the progress achieved in the full use of their R & D and manufacturing advantages, based on LED energy saving technology will continue to push forward into all aspects of lighting applications.

Commercial lighting, office lighting and home lighting products covering all aspects of the national economy and people's lives are closely related government agencies, enterprises, institutions, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, housing, etc., are also an important part of the lighting market. Currently, commercial, office and home lighting mainly incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide light source based, and larger lighting energy consumption and environmental pollution problems exist in traditional sources increasingly valued by countries around the world. In 2007, EU member states agreed to gradually replace the traditional use of energy saving light incandescent lights and stop using incandescent lamps in 2012. As China's national conditions, replacing traditional light work remains to be further forward, but with energy saving alternative to traditional light sources is inevitable development direction of China's lighting energy conservation work.

In 2006, Henderson has successively developed LED Grille, LED downlights, LED spotlights and other products, and successfully used in shopping malls, office buildings, residential and other places. In 2007, Henderson once again achieved new breakthroughs in the field of commercial lighting; lighting stores successfully entered the automotive market. Is nearing completion of the Beijing Volkswagen 4S shop eco friendly lighting projects, mainly in Henderson cool white LED spotlights, LED spotlights give full play to the advantages of high color display, using various combinations of lighting and angle changes, express a solemn, harmonious lighting atmosphere, bring out the car noble and elegant temperament. Currently, Henderson is working with several well-known commercial stores negotiate LED commercial lighting project implementation.

In LED road, tunnel lighting, urban landscape lighting as well as commercial, office and home lighting and other areas, Henderson is both the industry leader, but also a market for growers. Popularity of LED energy saving knowledge to guide consumer attitudes eco friendly lighting products, continue to strengthen the application of LED eco friendly lighting technology promotion efforts in various fields and promote the continuous development of China's energy-saving, environmental protection, which is the relentless pursuit of Henderson's goal, more Henderson is a leader in the LED industry must assume social responsibility.

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