Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What are the common features and applications of animation light?

Stage animation light is a laser beam can be automatically played various laser pattern, laser writing laser products rhythm with the music, is a stage, dance halls, bars, KTV, family party, commonly used to increase the atmosphere of a new product.

Specific models are monochromatic animation light, color / three color / full color animation light, the stars of animation light, firefly animation light, animation light, the laser head is also the number of points : single vote animation lights, animation lights, double throw, three cast / four cast / five cast animation light. Animation lights and power sizes, the greater the power, laser effects can cater to a larger space and the price is more expensive.

Red and green laser fireworks, laser spot beam effects and fireworks light dot matrix distribution, more than 1000 points of light scattering angle greater than 40 degrees, the spot position and uniform brightness distribution, subject to the trajectory of the laser spot and speed control, the formation of point of impact, bursting out of countless star points, for fireworks -like demonstration effect, with the direction of rotation, rotation speed, strobe, color control and other effects. Advanced design program, you can DMX512 signal control, can be stand-alone or from online synchronization. Sound active mode with light closed.

Sound active mode with light closed; master-slave synchronization from the online mode (available online dozens of slaves) is automatically closed when no signal light from opportunities; DMX512 mode when no signal will automatically shut down the light. Designed in accordance with safety and reliability, under any circumstances to avoid a single point laser appear to the human body, the environment safer. Application areas include wedding, disco, discos, bars, KTV, Family Party.

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