Sunday, January 12, 2014

Seoul Semiconductor introduces warm white ECO friendly lighting technology

warm white ECO friendly lightingSeoul Semiconductor Co.Ltd recently announced the launch of warm white Acriche green lighting technology, relevant new products can be used in everyday lighting products, is now officially in the lighting market. Acriche semiconductor lighting technology is new, no converter or ballast can be applied directly to the AC electrical plug (110 volts / 220 volts).

Depending on the light, warm white Acriche green lighting technology can achieve 42 lumens / watt. After calculating electricity consumption, Acriche product efficiency is still 35 lumens / watt. After calculating the loss ballasts and luminous body, the effectiveness rate of 39.9 light lumens / watt, much higher than the traditional light bulb 7.5 lumens / watt; quartz lamp of 10 lumens / watt energy saving light bulbs and 30.6 lumens / watt.

The traditional warm white light efficiency DC eco friendly lighting is about 35 lumens / watt, warm white Acriche environmentally innovative lighting technology 42 lumens / watt 20% higher than DC eco friendly lighting. By eliminating the need to use converter or ballast, warm white Acriche easily replace DC eco friendly lighting to create more bright lighting conditions.

Seoul Semiconductor has also introduced another type of warm white Acriche green lighting technology, which can achieve 33 lumens / watt (Ra = 90), appeared to have higher color index (ColorRend-eringIndex or "CRI"), the object can appear almost natural bright colors, the most suitable hotels, museums, display boxes, indoor lighting and residential lighting needs high CRI of places. CRI is used to detect light in the projection in a variety of colors will reproduce the object's ability to distinguish between different sources of payment of the same shade features. Natural sunlight CRI / Ra 100, was designated as the best color to show the index, usually CRI (Ra = 80) already belongs to the higher index. Acriche focused lighting technology research and development, compared to 360 issued traditional bulbs and fluorescent light has a higher efficiency.

In fact, high technology research and development CRI90 difficulty warm white, warm white Acriche Seoul Semiconductor can not be able to successfully develop an environmentally friendly, can be used in the exchange of electrical appliances, as well as be able to show the natural color of the object lighting technology for the lighting industry to provide another solution.

Lee Jeong -hoon, Seoul Semiconductor Chief Executive Officer, said: " the world is making swift action, hoping in a new light source to replace traditional lighting, its power from environmental pollution monitoring, oil prices rise, energy efficiency.

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