Monday, January 13, 2014

Surgical reflection lights will usher in a brand new era

With the level of overall health continues to improve, increase health care spending, the demand for upgrading the medical device industry a huge market space, operating room equipment in the field is also true, new technologies, new products are an increasingly competitive industry. Recently, Draeger has released two new LED surgical reflection lights Polaris100 and Polaris200, and Draeger Medical announced officially entered full operation shadow less LED era.

It has been to use more traditional surgical shadowless halogen lamp as the light source, and Halogen shorter life, generally only a few hundred to a thousand hours, and every 1 to 2 months on the need to replace the light source.

As a full-spectrum halogen lamps, heat radiation divergent light source, it is difficult to meet the illumination uniformity, light quality is good, better distinguish blood and other body tissues and organs of color and other requirements, but also accelerate the drying surgery patients regional organizations, doctors and nurses also have hot feeling. Therefore, the illumination is not satisfactory for the operation.

Medical surgical shadowless LED as the light source came into being, completely solve the frequent replacement of halogen light bulb problem, and can effectively control the heat, longer life, cheaper, is gradually replacing the traditional halogen lamps.

According to reports, the launch of two Draeger LED surgical reflection light to provide spectral range with a uniform light similar to natural light, pure light color, with excellent color, clarity can help doctors distinguish between different organs and tissue structure, without focus you can achieve deep cavity illumination for surgical and endoscopic surgery.

According to a medical LED lighting for the domestic market capacity research report, the total number of hospital beds in the country of more than 100 secondary and tertiary hospitals, some of the more economically developed coastal regions and urban areas has a hospital operating room, both procurement needs surgery shadowless lamp.

In recent years, with the overall market structure, like the field of medical devices, surgical reflection light market is the main city of the foreign high-end market tertiary hospitals, local enterprises in the primary market dominant pattern also quietly changed.

A market research report predicts that from 2010 to 2017, LED lighting applications will be in surgery to 76.4% annual growth rate. Shen Lixin believe that these incremental expansion will be mainly, equipment replacement, and primary health care sector from large medical institutions standardization of construction.

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