Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ShenZhou-10 return to earth and three astronauts safe landing

  BEIJING, June 26 of Inner Mongolia Power (Reporter Sun Zifa) Beijing time at 9:41 on June 26 Xu, Shenzhou ten flight by group three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang, Wang Yaping, in central Inner Mongolia Prairie "God Ten" the end of the task the main landing site for 15 days of space travel, from the spacecraft re-entry capsule health spacewalk from their homes to return to the home planet in space.

  "God Ten" three astronauts flying this journey, the successful implementation stationed Temple One (microbiology), Temple One spacecraft with automatic and manual rendezvous and docking, China's first space classes, China's first spacecraft rendezvous and test flying around and aerospace medical experiments, technical experiments and a series of space activities, successful completion of the China manned Space Engineering space shuttles transport system is first applied missions.

  After 15 days of space flight, which three astronauts "back home" in good spirits. Among them, "God ten" Task Commander Nie Haisheng flying twice so far to achieve, to become China so far the longest space flight astronauts, "80" Yaping is China's second female astronaut, she becomes the first Flying China's first "teacher in space."

  It is reported that. "God then" three astronauts, will undergo a medical examination facelift, rest, and enjoy a return to the ground from the first meal will be followed by a special plane airlifted to transit the airport to fly back to Beijing.

ShenZhou-10 safe landing
ShenZhou-10 safe landing

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