Friday, July 12, 2013

The tools for SEOer

I have read a post about SEO tools, It really good, most of these are practical, but the owner shared not enough.let me add what I think is good tools for SEOer.

First-Firefox add-ons
DOM Element Counter : H label view tool.
Nodofollow : Dofollow and Nofollow view tool.
SearchStatus: PR, alexa, indexed view tool.

Sec-Keywords Express   not for free ,7 days trial.

Third- back link of view analysis tool not for free. Free version just can check one site and there is any quantity limitation for back link view and download. You can Search Cracked version.  Search Engine Spider Simulator.
spinner chief: a good tool is not pseudo-original. It is main for free.

Fourth-Repeated Tools
OnlyWireBookmark batch submission tool.
XRUMERMore powerful tools, suitable for learning to use a code bas.
SENUKE X  and scrapebox: Mainstream tools.
Fifth-Online PING site

Sixth-Agent  for chage your IP

That is all, I will upgrade another day

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