Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY ideas: how to make LED water lights

SCM uses a very broad variety of intelligent control of the product and ultimately, its shadow, prospects, thus causing the waves to learn microcontroller boom.

I believe that many beginners SCM friends are doing LED water light from the beginning, because the LED water light circuit is relatively simple. Watch made it in accordance with their own ideas LED water light changes with different pattern, orderly running, filled with the joy of success.

The following describes the water lights demo board is free time I used to do, and to share with you on this.

All microcontrollers IO port are to spend, and no waste. In order to make the effect of LED water light demo board look more seductive, each arranged in parallel with 8 LED display, a total of 32 groups from 32 IO ports are controlled. To reduce the difficulty level is produced when used 8X8 LED display component, a share of just 32 groups of four. Although many components used in the circuit, but the principle is very simple, as long as the corresponding IO port is set low, then the group of the LED row on light, regular control IO port will show the desired pattern. Because the microcontroller IO port drive current is limited, so every row LED with a transistor for driving 8550 and has a current limiting resistor.

Here is a good demo board LED water light, when added to the actual production of the rectifier and regulator circuit, an external AC board to work. Feeling the effect is good, a bit like the neon advertising signs.

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