Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why is eco friendly lighting a better choice in wintertime?

The upcoming winter season again promises shorter days with early onset of dusk. The longer periods of darkness can cost a company a lot of money every day; the company still uses outdated eco friendly lighting.

Characteristic for the winter time is the early onset of darkness. Linked to this, the power consumption for companies is increasing by the prolonged use of the bulbs in the company in the winter time considerably. Consequently, also increased energy costs for businesses. Here worthwhile for companies to look at the power consumption in the winter months and a calculation of the cost of electricity with the use of eco friendly lighting products such as energy saving lamps and renewable energy.

An example: A company with a service area of 1,000 square meters can save by sharing his 20 -year-old eco friendly lighting against a modern, energy-efficient lighting system almost 7,000 electricity costs per year. Investing in a modern eco friendly lighting therefore pays for most companies after a few years.

Based on a current price of 16 cents / kWh, a Germany - and enterprise-wide conversion of old lights would to modern, energy-efficient lighting mean a saving of electricity costs in the amount of 500 million euros for the company.

In many cases, the companies are the Ensparpotenziale known, but deeds do not follow, as the individual savings, and the costs associated points are unknown. Where can I save my company and thus energy costs? What upgrades are needed? How do I design the most effective and cheapest upgrades? What grants are available to my company for energy-efficiency improvements? For all your questions, we have your answer.

We are happy to analyze again for your company's energy-related situation and calculate your individual savings. Energy consulting is KfW - funded and pays off for companies. You can reach us by dialing 03691/889 2194 or you will a free quote for an Energy Advice Request (only limited number of free offers available).

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