Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eco friendly lighting devices can be versatile and convenient

The utility model relates to LED eco friendly lighting, green energy in particular relates to a multi-functional eco friendly lighting device is a semiconductor eco friendly lighting technology.

In real life, most people can not do without is the eco friendly lighting, which is now mostly used for eco friendly lighting appliances, incandescent, fluorescent energy saving lamps. These sources are bulky, although both simple electrical circuit design strengths, but the prevalence of traditional lamps bulky, energy consumption is relatively serious shortcomings. Currently the application started brewing domestic semiconductor eco friendly lighting technology is still in its infancy, LED level only to the extent of the package, although it is higher than traditional eco friendly lighting has been greatly improved in terms of volume and energy, but due to the complexity of the electrical circuit design, improved technical solutions limited; especially without charge and discharge design, in a blackout situation is likely to cause confusion may not illuminate the formation, thus making energy-saving features are widely used with excellent prospects of LED light fixtures bring a certain degree of difficulty.

The utility model for the above shortcomings, providing multi-functional 2W Eco-Friendly Solar Lawn Light energy-saving devices, to solve the problem of LED devices in a power outage situation does not work. The utility model of environmentally friendly energy-saving eco friendly lighting multifunction devices, including light body, at least one set of light-emitting diodes and light-emitting diodes for the PCB metal line connection, which is characterized by:

The multifunctional energy-saving LED eco friendly lighting device in the original eco friendly lighting circuit added automatically charging and discharging circuit, the automatic charging and discharging circuit comprises a diode DbD2, D3, 04 consists of AC / DC rectifier circuit through the capacitor d, C2, inductor L2 consisting of: type filter circuit with integrated step-down switching module with optical coupling circuit is connected, plus a NiMH rechargeable battery charging circuit composed; nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries and boost diode with a voltage regulator switching module and an integrated light-emitting diode of the discharge circuit.

By designing these circuits, the utility model a good solution to LED lights can charge and discharge issues, making even in case of power failure, LED lights are still able to work some time to repair equipment for the precious time.

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