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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FAQ: things you want to know about fluorescent tube lighting

Q: 32W fluorescent lamp 45W power lighting, whether it will shorten the life span?
Fluorescent tube lighting
A: No. fluorescent originally designed to take into account the 32, 45 W two kinds of lighting modes. The use of the most suitable special electronic ballast fluorescent tube lighting, lamp life will not be so
Q: traditional T8 fluorescent tube lighting can be used do?
A: No. Led lamp ballasts fever due to shortened life expectancy, or may be
There can not light, strobe, light short-lived and so on. Fluorescent tube lighting with T8 fluorescent characteristics are different, so be sure to use the following sign in with a special fixture. Do not traditional T8 fluorescent tube lighting used, otherwise it may lead to the next because they do not match

Q: Can I use T8 fluorescent tube lighting?
A: Not recommended. Because although it is safe to use, but will reduce the efficiency of the light source. Lifespan affected. Fluorescent tube lighting as special lamps, but with the traditional fluorescent T8 fluorescent dimensions, light feet are the same so there may be mistakenly installed T8 fluorescent situation. Lamps fully taken into account in the design of the wrong security when installed so you can make the traditional T8 fluorescent security lighting.

Q: fluorescent tube lighting with conventional fluorescent what are the different points?
A: filament, gas composition inside the tube, a phosphor, etc., have a big difference. Fluorescent In order to achieve efficient, in many points are different from the conventional fluorescent tube lighting.

Q: fluorescent lamp is rated at 32W, and 45W high output is how to decide?
A: product design in Japan with the same luminous efficiency is taken into account and the replacement of traditional fluorescent lamp and set of values. Same fluorescent product design and Japanese goods are the same rated power of 32W, high output power of 45W. This is to reach 100lm / W above the high light efficiency, and achieve more than 1.5 times the light source 36W high luminous flux and the products developed.

Q: with traditional T8 36W fluorescent tube lighting use the same three-color light color and light color slightly different and why?

A: fluorescent luminous efficiency is better to use a phosphor. And high luminance, high color temperature sensing eye, so the different colors of light presented. Light color due to phosphor composition and lighting state and different. Fluorescent lamp phosphors, dichromatic fluorescent than the traditional use of the luminous efficiency even better, but the light color is slightly different. Moreover, 45W than T836W higher luminance light source, color temperature naked eye will feel elevated.