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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Xbox One and Windows Phone system share video store

Along with Microsoft's next-gen consoles Xbox One of the officially listed, Windows Phone system also began to slowly benefit. Today Microsoft announced, WP phones will soon be able to download and play from the Xbox video store TV shows and movies, but also will be able to use the Microsoft Money (i.e. previous Microsoft Points) on Windows Phone store to consume.

At the same time, users will be able to play in the WP phone more compatible to the Xbox Live " three screen" games such as "Call of Duty: The Phantom " is also introduced the Windows Phone version.

Microsoft Windows applications and games Bray Head Todd Brix said: "We have made some of the three-screen games, " Shogun skull " is one of a. Players can then put the phone functions through the Smart Glass become Xbox One side of ' mirror ', then use Photo beamer photo sharing feature to the game on any device. "

Prior to Windows Phone, Xbox has been interrelated: both can use the same Microsoft account login, Windows Phone support for the Xbox Live Avatar replacement and modification information. But let mobile phone users can control the second screen Smart Glass features not just exclusively by the Windows Phone, it also can be used on iOS and Android systems.

Xbox video store will soon be able to solve the Windows Phone system longstanding video download difficulty. While on the phone already had Netflix WP such video applications, but has been unable to download those using the DRM (Digital Rights encryption) technology for video, and this downloading function in iOS, Android and Blackberry systems already implemented.

Microsoft's new Windows Phone payment system will also bring benefits. Under the new regulations, the user's account balance can also be used on Windows Phone. Microsoft paid in cash and the issuance of reward system instead of the original point system, so players can get through Xbox Live Rewars cash balance to get Windows Phone store to purchase applications and games. Obviously one U.S. dollar can not buy Xbox One game, but you can buy exquisite mobile applications.

Xbox One is an eighth generation introduced by Microsoft in home video games. As a successor to the Xbox 360 models, as well as Wii U and PlayStation 4 of competitors in the market, Microsoft in May 21, 2013 the press conference published Xbox One.

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