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Friday, September 19, 2014

Ten favorite September consumer wireless mouse 2014 recommended

From the initial appearance bulky, battery life is short, expensive and so give people the impression of view, it is difficult to imagine a wireless mouse 2014 can be developed for today's brilliant. Since thirty years since the invention of years, wireless mouse gone through countless difficulties and obstacles, but also created countless miracles, researchers simply will improve battery life by 11 times, while the performance of the mouse by the same engine turned upside down, basically can replace most wired mouse. Today I will introduce several more hot current wireless mouse products, hope that we can help in time of purchase and
mouse pc battery life comparison.

Products: Hot recommend a wireless mouse, nonporous strengthen G9-600HX-1 mouse

Springfield G9-600HX-1 mouse with a right-handed non-porous type ergonomic design, the mouse with a matte cover design and print a large number of linear elements, business atmosphere, strip groove side skirts for users when in use to provide adequate friction and stability, rapid use does not lead to slippery phenomenon.

Springfield G9-600HX-1 wireless mouse uses a multi-button design, the wheel in front of the additional keys for a key screenshot function, positioning using the specter of an exclusive development strengthen nonporous optical engine, light holes were all closed, effectively prevent dust entry, you can output 2000DPI sampling rate, and supports five-speed switching.

Springfield G9-600HX-1 wireless mouse appearance keen business sense, feel and comfortable grip, excellent positioning capability nonporous engine, 2000DPI sampling rate is very useful for gamers.

Colorful M618 wireless version with a healthy mouse right style ergonomic design, the surface is covered with a large amount of skin feel coating, can significantly increase the friction and improve stability when using fast moving, and comes with a detachable palm rest wrist support, reducing user fatigue, mouse Built on two AA batteries for power, and longer battery life.

Product: Colorful M618 wireless mouse version of health

Healthy colorful M618 wireless mouse uses a version of the key board is now very rare in the separation of design, engraved with non-slip rubber stripes on the outer wheel design on both sides of the thumb recess are two shortcut keys, press the can perform forward and backward functions. Also at the top of the colorful M618 wireless mouse healthy version of the design has a DPI button, users can switch the mouse sampling rate, mouse, laser engine design that can provide up to 1600DPI sampling rate.

Healthy colorful M618 wireless mouse version of novelty, vertical grip style can effectively avoid the use of the wrist causing discomfort arising from oppression, while also avoided the "mouse hand" of the formation, while the wireless version of the healthy mouse, you can escape the cable bondage, to freely use, more convenient and stylish.

Product: Colorful vertical mouse M618GL wireless mouse
Bo Yi Iron Man 3 wireless mouse uses exactly the same with the original design, and comes with a separate display base, the mouse uses a metal surface paint treatment, strong texture, the overall visual effect to achieve a higher degree of verisimilitude, mouse the "eyes" of the site has a luminous design, and back lit with a control lighting switch.

Product: Yi Bo Iron Man 3 wireless mouse
Bo Yi Iron Man 3 wireless mice uses a three-button design, interior equipped with optical sensors can provide 1000DPI sampling rate to meet the basic needs of most users' daily use, the mouse built-two AA batteries, providing long battery life.

Bo Yi Iron Man 3 wireless mice look very gorgeous, gold-plated surface treatment showed a more realistic texture, while a built-in optical engine can meet most users' needs, innovative chassis design is also very practical, the mouse has become an instant the crafts.

Product: 3500 Blue Shadow portable wireless mouse (Snake Limited Edition) Microsoft Mouse four popular wireless mouse recommended four
Hot recommend four wireless mouse, Microsoft Wireless Blue Shadow portable version 3500 Year of the Snake

Microsoft Wireless Blue Shadow portable wireless mouse 3500 Year of the Snake version uses a symmetrical design, pattern atop invited well-known designers to draw, joined the Chinese Year of the Snake unique elements on both sides of waist reasonable mouse design, in the grip of time can provide a good feeling, built a single AA battery, replace the battery in the case can not be used continuously for eight months.

Microsoft 3500 Wireless red
Microsoft Wireless Blue Shadow Snake version of the wireless portable mouse button board with a one-piece construction, the rear wheel LED lights indicate power can play a role, the mouse uses one AA battery power to complete the battery compartment design at the bottom of the mouse, a the groove is given to the side of the receiver is stored and design.

Microsoft Wireless Blue Shadow portable wireless mouse 3500 Year of the Snake edition stylish, functional and practical, blue shadow optical sensors can provide powerful positioning capability, 1000DPI sampling rate can satisfy most home users. For young people is very worth buying.

Product: T120P Micro Touch Wireless Mouse
enumerator T120P Touch Mouse uses a symmetrical design, with five different colors to choose from, mouse whole body with a more smooth lines of the design, site were polished, excellent visual effects, on both sides of the groove in addition to beautiful when used outside also provide users with a good grip stability, built two AA batteries, battery life longer.

Product: Pennefather T120P Touch Mouse
enumerator T120P Touch Mouse uses optical engine positioning, 1000DPI output sample rate, the mouse connected to the computer using the 5GHz technology, can effectively block outside interference, improve efficiency, according to data transmission, to provide users with the perfect wireless experience, mouse the wheel has touch capabilities, and support for four-way slide, the user can perform more operations at the same time.

Enumerator T120P touch mouse look extremely stylish, polished cover and rounded shape of the show with a unique aesthetic concept designer, comfortable shape to ensure the long-term continuous use may be suitable to carry out using a good laptop companion.

Fuller A20G wireless mouse uses a symmetrical design as best value wireless mouse 2014, cover with a transparent plastic production, in accordance with the different colors can be divided into five styles, mouse design with non-slip grooves on both sides, can effectively increase the coefficient of friction when in use and stability, built-in a two-year AA battery life can be maintained, replacing the user the trouble of frequent replacement batteries, is a product suitable for office users.

Fuller A20G Fuller joined the exclusive wireless mouse saving kernel, you can make the mouse's battery life to two years, for users who frequently travel office this design was to facilitate their travel use, built-in optical sensor up provide 1600DPI sampling rate, and supports fourth gear switch, the same used to meet the needs of gamers.

Product: Nightingale 550MS-255IR mouse mouse seven popular upstart wireless mouse recommended seven
Hot recommend seven wireless mouse, wireless mouse upstart Nightingale 550

Upstart Nightingale 550 wireless mice use a symmetrical design, the mouse can be divided in accordance with the different colors of white and black two styles, polished surfaces made ​​Of Plastic, feel smooth and delicate, side skirts grinding process is carried out to ensure that the fast-moving stability and grip of the mouse built-in two AA batteries for power, without changing the battery can be used continuously for three years.

Upstart Nightingale 550 wireless mice equipped with a series of unique rocker buttons, toggle back and forth can be executed through forward and backward functions, vertical press the button to switch on the mouse's DPI, adjustable up to 3000DPI. Upstart Nightingale 550 wireless mice with upstart exclusive 99 interconnect technology, using only one receiver to complete the nine-enabled devices support this connection, effectively saving the user USB interface enough problems.

Upstart 550 wireless mouse stylish, portable, lightweight, relatively good performance 3000DPI, can meet most users' needs, and rocker buttons are also very different, providing a convenient operation, for it is a worthy young users purchase.

Product: Blade glare Bo Mouse wireless mouse should recommend eight 8 popular wireless mouse

Yi Bo blade glare wireless mouse uses a symmetrical design, the mouse cover with a polished plastic material, and joined the metallic paint treatment, easy to carry compact shape, the thickness at only 23mm, hollow at the bottom sides will light blue backlight, visual effect is more outstanding performance even more outstanding night.

Yi Bo blade glare optical engine equipped with ultra-thin notebook mouse. The maximum sampling rate can provide 1750DPI through the rear wheel DPI switch button 5-speed loop can be switched to suit the needs of different environments.

Bo blade glare wireless mouse should look good, metal painting process with a good visual experience, while the backlight is also very different, built-in optical engine performance outstanding, 1750DPI sampling rate can meet most users' needs, is a worthy purchase. Read More what is the best wireless mouse 2014.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wireless mouse with massage function

Long-term sedentary work or play in front of the computer, will have a negative effect on human health. Many computer users will feel pain in joints and muscles, and thus distracted, reducing efficiency. Tokyo's Art Factory Company, in order to allow gamers to do away with the office staff and the physical discomfort caused by sedentary, get new energy, invented a mouse Massage - Massage Mouse.

Interestingly, this best wireless mouse gesture recognition capabilities with support for touch-screen interface, an optical detector, soft LED backlight and vibration function. This mouse can also be carried out continuously pulsating massage. Massage intensity is divided into 10. This innovative gadget has three buttons that can manage its message function. Currently, there is just one of the massage mouse model of mass production start time has not been disclosed.

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